• Strategic Comments

    Colombia: the fraught end of a long war

    29 June 2016. 

    The ceasefire announced last week between the Colombian government and the FARC, ending 50 years of destructive war, will be followed soon by a final accord and a plebiscite, which is likely to ratify the accord. While these developments are welcome, the Colombian people remain resentful of the FARC's legitimisation and sceptical about the accord's sustainability. Implementation will be a stiff and ongoing challenge.

  • IISS Voices

    Antônio Sampaio: Despite hopes for lasting peace in Colombia, political economy of conflict remains intact

    23 June 2016.  The historic peace deal will no doubt result in a significant decrease in, if not the end of, armed conflict between the government of Colombia and FARC rebels. But, as Antonio Sampaio explains, the situation in the country’s rural backwaters remains messy and far less clear-cut than the gestures and statements given in the grand halls of Havana might suggest.

  • Strategic Comments

    Brazil’s political and economic crisis

    25 May 2016. 

    Brazilian Interim President Michel Temer will probably serve out impeached President Dilma Rousseff's term. He is compelled to deal urgently with Brazil's distressed economy and scandalous corruption. But his lack of an electoral mandate, unpopularity and initial obduracy in appointing an all-white, all-male cabinet – perceived negatively as 'business as usual' backroom politics – cast doubt on his ability to do so effectively.

  • Events

    Opening up to Cuba: Lessons from Canada

    24 May 2016. 

    IISS–Americas Rebranding Launch
    Mark Entwistle, Former Ambassador of Canada to Cuba
    IISS–Americas, Washington DC
    Tuesday 24 May 2016, 2–3PM EDT

  • Survival

    Book Reviews

    20 May 2016.  Politics and International Relations, Pierre Hassner
    Europe, Erik Jones
    Latin America, Russell Crandall

  • Press Statement

    Announcement: US-based branch of the IISS to be known as IISS–Americas

    20 May 2016.  The newly rebranded IISS–Americas reflects the Institute’s commitment to engaging policymaking communities, multilateral and non-governmental organisations, and multinational corporations across the Americas.

  • Armed Conflict Survey

    Chapter 8: Latin America

    05 May 2016. 

    Central America (Northern Triangle)

  • Strategic Comments

    Argentina: a good start for Macri

    01 March 2016. 

    Argentina’s new president Mauricio Macri has moved quickly and decisively to mend the country’s ailing economy and fix its international debt problems, signalled his intention to usher in more pragmatic and open foreign and trade policies, and earned high approval ratings. But the country's domestic economic problems are daunting, and Macri's remedial measures will take time to bear fruit.

  • IISS Voices

    Antonio Sampaio: Armed actors and illegal economies threaten Colombia’s prospects of lasting peace

    12 February 2016.  As negotiations between the Colombian government and FARC near their final stages, significant obstacles to peace remain, not least the strength of criminal organisations in territories where illegal drug and mining trades are thriving.

  • The Military Balance

    Chapter 8: Latin America and the Caribbean

    09 February 2016.  Organised crime in Central America; Changing roles and missions; Guerrilla threats continue; Cross-border issues
    Defence economics: Macroeconomics; Defence spending; Procurement; Combat and light attack/trainer aircraft; Rotary and fixed-wing airlift; Offshore-patrol vessels and patrol boats
    Mexico: Outward look amid continuing internal deployments; Defence response; Force modernisation

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