• Politics and Strategy

    Mark Fitzpatrick: Keep the Iran nuclear deal going strong

    25 July 2016.  The first anniversary this month of the Iran nuclear deal, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), occasioned predictable assessments. Whether one thinks the deal is succeeding mostly depends on what one thought of the deal at the time. Those (like me) who applauded the agreement a year ago have expressed satisfaction that, so far, it has done exactly what it set out to do in effectively blocking...

  • IISS Voices

    Paulina Izewicz: UN walks a fine line in new Iran report

    22 July 2016.  A first, carefully-worded UN report on the Iran deal was released on 18 July. While, to all intents and purposes, it contains little new information, it has nonetheless elicited some criticism from Iran, Russia and the United States.

  • Events

    Nuclear Proliferation Success and Failure: Iran and North Korea

    14 July 2016. 

    IISS Webinar
    Mark Fitzpatrick, Executive Director, IISS–Americas
    Thursday 14 July 2016, 10–11AM BST

  • Events

    South Asia’s emerging economic and security relations with Saudi Arabia, the Gulf and Iran: prospects and challenges

    28 June 2016. 

    Corporate Breakfast
    Rahul Roy-Chaudhury, Senior Fellow for South Asia, IISS
    Philip Barton, Consulting Senior Fellow, IISS
    Arundel House, London
    Tuesday 28 June 2016, 8–9AM BST

  • Survival

    The True Costs of Financial Sanctions

    20 May 2016. 

    The success of financial sanctions rests largely on the dominance of the US dollar and the correspondent banking system. Yet emerging trends could undermine Washington’s capacity to employ this tool.

  • Politics and Strategy

    Mark Fitzpatrick: On Ben Rhodes and ‘selling’ the Iran deal

    10 May 2016.  Among the many inaccuracies in the New York Times Magazine profile of Ben Rhodes was the claim by writer David Samuels that the essence of what became the Iran nuclear deal was worked out between the White House and Iran while Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was still in power in early 2013. Samuels says the deal was sold to the American public and Congress as having been made possible only once the...

  • Events

    The Inaugural IISS Robert F. Ellsworth Lecture

    09 May 2016. 

    Robert F. Ellsworth Lecture
    William J. Fallon, Admiral, US Navy (Retired)
    Dacor Bacon House, Washington DC
    Monday 9 May 2016, 5.30pm

  • Events

    IISS Workshop - Lessons Learned From the Work of the UN Panel of Experts on Iran

    22 April 2016. 

    IISS Workshop
    New York, United States
    22 April 2016

  • Events

    Western Defence Reassurances to Gulf Arabs After the Iran Deal: Are We on the Same Page?

    21 April 2016. 

    Discussion Meeting
    Ellen Laipson, Distinguished Fellow and President Emeritus, Stimson Center
    Michael Eisenstadt, Military and Security Studies Program Director, The Washington Institute
    Caroline Hurndall MBE, Head of Middle East Team, British Embassy Washington
    Bilal Saab, Resident Senior Fellow for Middle East Security, Atlantic Council
    IISS–Americas, Washington DC
    Thursday 21 April 2016, 10–11.30AM EDT

  • Politics and Strategy

    Mark Fitzpatrick: Overcoming hurdles in implementing the Iran nuclear deal

    20 April 2016.  Nine months after the nuclear deal with Iran was struck, last July, and three months after it went into force, in January, the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) is proving its worth. Iran is keeping to the agreed limits on its uranium enrichment and other nuclear technologies, in exchange for which it is benefiting from sanctions relief. Both Iran and its Western antagonists blame the other side, however, for...

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