• Survival

    Building on the Iran Nuclear Agreement

    20 March 2017.  The new constraints on, and monitoring of, Iran’s nuclear programme could be held as the gold standard for a strengthened non-proliferation regime.

  • Survival

    Iran’s Revolutionary Guards: Readying Strength

    20 March 2017.  The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps is a state sponsor of terrorism, economic juggernaut, internal security service, expeditionary force and key political actor.

  • Survival

    An Order of Priorities in Confronting Iran

    20 March 2017.  It is far better to implement an incomplete but effective nuclear agreement than to scrap it, hoping to achieve the best outcome while ending up with the worst.

  • Expert Commentary

    Nuclear weapons: the risks ahead

    08 March 2017.  Mark Fitzpatrick assesses North Korea's nuclear threat – and whether Pakistan's nuclear arsenal could fall into the hands of terrorists.

  • Military Balance Blog

    Iran’s missile balancing act

    01 March 2017.  Tehran’s January ballistic-missile test has provoked considerable comment, but other recent weapon developments are also noteworthy, notes Douglas Barrie.

  • Politics and Strategy

    Don’t apply new Iran sanctions before prioritising the problems

    28 February 2017.  Concerned states should prioritise their objectives when considering further sanctions against Iran, Mark Fitzpatrick advises.

  • Expert Commentary

    Can General McMaster stabilise Trump's foreign policy team?

    22 February 2017.  The new national security adviser's steady approach may rile the hot heads in President Trump’s inner circle.

  • Expert Commentary

    Trump and the Holy Land

    15 February 2017.  The new US president says he would love to broker peace between Israel and the Palestinians. Can the man behind ‘the art of the deal’ bring hope after years of missed opportunities?

  • The Military Balance

    Additional content

    14 February 2017. 

    Additional content not available in the printed edition:
    Central Asia

  • IISS Voices

    The Islamic Republic after Rafsanjani

    12 January 2017.  As a force for pragmatism over ideology, Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani’s absence from Iranian politics is likely to be keenly felt by the country’s moderate voices. As Clément Therme explains, the demise of the former president and key architect of the Islamic Republic throws debates about Iran’s future into sharp relief.

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