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    Alexander Neill: Xi makes economic inroads in Middle East

    22 January 2016.  As China seeks to gain greater economic leverage in the Middle East it may find itself drawn into the region's security problems, despite Beijing's long-held policy of non-alignment, says Alexander Neill.

  • Events

    Double take: the Iran nuclear deal and North Korea’s nuclear test

    19 January 2016. 

    Discussion Meeting
    Dr Gary Samore, Executive Director for Research, The Belfer Center at the Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University
    Arundel House, London
    Tuesday 19 January 2016, 12.30-1.30pm

  • IISS Voices

    Sir John Jenkins: Remembering the Middle East - Why History Matters

    19 January 2016.  History is essential to any understanding of the modern Middle East, but taking the trouble to understand the roots and contexts of current conflicts is not easy, says Sir John Jenkins

  • Politics and Strategy

    Mark Fitzpatrick: The Iran deal shows its worth

    18 January 2016.  Although nothing US President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry do passes without vitriol from political opponents, 16 January was a very good day for US-Iranian diplomacy. Most importantly, it was ‘Implementation Day’ for the Iran nuclear accord.  Release of Washington Post reporter Jason Rezaian and four other detained US-Iran dual citizens was an important added bonus. Besides the humanitarian and justice angles, it removes one of the...

  • IISS Voices

    Nelly Lahoud: Jihadis react to recent Saudi executions

    12 January 2016.  Iran reacted angrily to Saudi Arabia’s recent execution of a prominent Shia cleric and others. Meanwhile, some ISIS and al-Qaeda jihadis are threatening revenge for the 43 Sunnis among those executed

  • IISS Voices

    Mark Fitzpatrick: Iran nuclear deal Implementation Day is nigh

    08 January 2016.  With Implementation Day just around the corner, the cooperation between Iran and the US is extraordinary. Although non-nuclear problems persist in the region, Mark Fitzpatrick is optimistic

  • Events

    The Iran Nuclear Deal: Challenges of Implementation

    15 December 2015. 

    Discussion Meeting
    Dr Robert Litwak
    Vice President, Woodrow Wilson Center, Washington DC
    Arundel House, London
    Tuesday 15 December, 12:30-1:30pm

  • Politics and Strategy

    Mark Fitzpatrick: The PMD Report - Implications for the Nuclear Deal with Iran

    11 December 2015.  The much anticipated 2 December report by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) on Iran’s nuclear activities of a possible military dimension (PMD) did not say too much new. More than anything it confirmed the 2007 National Intelligence Estimate on Iran’s nuclear capabilities and intentions. This is not surprising given that both assessments drew from the same body of intelligence, although the IAEA report had the benefit of new information...

  • Events

    Iran After the Nuclear Deal

    09 December 2015. 

    IISS-US Roundtable Discussion
    Ali Ansari, Director, Institute for Iranian Studies, University of St Andrews
    Chair: Mark Fitzpatrick, Executive Director, IISS-US
    Organized in partnership with Wilton Park USA
    IISS-US, Washington DC
    Wednesday 9 December 2015

  • IISS Voices

    Paulina Izewicz: Moving towards closing Iran’s PMD file

    08 December 2015.  While the IAEA’s latest assessment of Iran’s nuclear makes explicit reference to past nuclear weapons-related activities, the UN nuclear watchdog is focused on starting the bigger job of verifying current and future nuclear activity

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