• Expert Commentary

    Financial Times: France is falling into the trap set by Isis

    10 May 2016.  By Francois Heisbourg, Chair of the IISS Council France needs to 'resist the war-on-terror rhetoric and alienating French Muslims', argues Francois Heisbourg. Isis wants to bring about civil war in Europe, but will succeed 'only if a misguided response by European governments and societies plays into its hands'. Heisbourg writes that France is in danger of providing such a response, and although it 'can still change tack... time is running out'. Read the full...

  • Strategic Comments

    After Brussels: understanding and countering ISIS’s strategy

    30 March 2016. 

    The recent attacks in Brussels confirmed Islamic State’s strategy of supplementing its flagging effort to establish a Middle East caliphate with an out-of-area campaign of urban terror focusing on Europe. Unity among Europe’s policymakers remains key to securing the continent against terrorism and addressing the root causes of Muslim radicalisation.

  • IISS Voices

    Nigel Inkster: Terrorism, Europe and Brexit

    29 March 2016.  The recent terrorist attacks in Belgium and France have provoked debate about whether the UK would be safer in or out of the EU. Nigel Inkster argues that cooperation, not fragmentation, is needed for modern counter-terrorism.

  • Expert Commentary

    Attentats de Paris-Bruxelles - Parler d'armée et de guerre concernant Daech, c'est se tromper de combat

    22 March 2016.  By Francois Heisbourg, Chair of the IISS Après les bilans tragiques de Paris, avec les 17 victimes tuées en janvier et les 130 du 13 novembre, et maintenant les attentats de Bruxelles, la tentation est forte, voire irrésistible, de partir du principe que nous avons désormais affaire à une véritable "armée de l'ombre", voire à une armée tout court. La multiplicité des cibles, la diversité des modes opératoires, la répétition des attentats...

  • The Military Balance

    Chapter 4: Europe

    09 February 2016.  Europe: NATO: towards the Warsaw Summit; Turkey takes action; EU: seeking to build a strategy; OSCE: looking to build on renewed relevance; New German defence white paper; Defence Economics; Macroeconomics; Defence spending; Procurement; Defence industry
    France: International deployments; Defence economics; Procurement and industry
    Poland: Defence policy; Alliance relationships; Military transformation; Force modernisation; Defence economics; Defence budget; Defence industry
    United Kingdom: Armed forces; Defence review: increasing military ambition; Personnel challenges; Defence economics; Defence-budget uplift; Uncertainty over the NATO 2% target

  • Expert Commentary

    The Week: Mine is global, yours is local

    06 December 2015.  By Sanjaya Baru, Director for Geo-Economics and Strategy A crisis or a cause located in the west is always projected as being ‘global’ in its relevance. Anything similar elsewhere is dismissed as ‘regional’ or ‘local’. Reading through and hearing European and American media commentary on the dastardly terror attack in Paris, we are reminded once again of the blinkers that western media and their political pundits wear. The attack on Paris, it...

  • Events

    A View from Paris: Iran, Gulf Security and French Policy in the Middle East

    01 December 2015. 

    IISS Global Perspectives Series
    Bruno Tertrais, Senior Research Fellow, Fondation pour la Recherche Strategique
    Dr Nelly Lahoud, Senior Fellow for Political Islamism, IISS-Middle East         
    IISS-Middle East, Manama
    Monday 1 December 2015

  • Expert Commentary

    Slate.Fr: «Je ne pense pas que bombarder Daech soit la clé du problème»

    20 November 2015.  François Heisbourg était l’invité de l'émission «Politique» sur France 24. Il a mis en garde les autorités et déclaré qu’une attaque au Moyen-Orient serait insuffisante si l’on n’apportait pas des réponses locales.

  • Politics and Strategy

    Dana H. Allin: The Paris Attacks and Transatlantica

    17 November 2015.  In discussing the Paris attacks, President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry have both employed a theme that Kerry introduced to his 2004 presidential campaign: France is America’s oldest ally. The solidarity is genuine and profound, one of the significant transatlantic ramifications of the horrific massacres of last Friday evening. There are, at the same time, some structural transatlantic tensions that the attacks could exacerbate in the coming...

  • Expert Commentary

    Les Echos: Francois Heisbourg - 'Il n'y a pas de résponse simple et convaincante'

    16 November 2015.  Francois Heisbourg on France's response to the latest ISIS attacks in Paris

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