• Military Balance Blog

    Christian Le Miere: Egyptian naval skirmish highlights maritime insecurity

    14 November 2014.  By Christian Le Mière, Senior Fellow for Naval Forces and Maritime Security A rare incident in the Eastern Mediterranean this week has highlighted the sustained high levels of maritime insecurity along Europe’s southern coast. On 12 November, an as-yet unidentified Egyptian patrol craft was involved in a skirmish with four civilian vessels about 40 nautical miles off the coast of Ras el-Bar, Egypt. According to Egyptian military spokesman Brig.-Gen. Mohamed Samir, the patrol...

  • Strategic Survey

    Chapter 9: North Africa

    09 September 2014. 

    Egypt’s Revolution Stalls
    Maghreb: Legacy of the Arab Spring

  • Politics and Strategy

    Mark Fitzpatrick: Time for Israel and Egypt to abjure chemical weapons

    06 August 2014.  On the centennial of the outbreak of the war that saw massive use of chemical weapons, and given Syria’s chemical disarmament, isn't it time for Egypt and Israel also to do the right thing and verifiably rid themselves of these abhorrent weapons? Syria’s accession to the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) leaves only six countries outside this treaty. Two of them – Myanmar and Angola – have begun steps toward accession, and...

  • Events

    IISS Workshop - Bringing the Chemical Weapons Convention into effect throughout the Middle East

    04 August 2014. 

    IISS/OPCW Workshop
    Arundel House, London
    04 August 2014

  • Strategic Comments

    Egypt’s economic crisis challenges El-Sisi

    19 June 2014. 

    Egypt's new president Abdel Fattah El-Sisi has taken charge of an economy severely weakened by three years of political chaos. Gulf states have promised considerable financial support, but given Egypt's future needs it will be imperative to cast the financing net as wide as possible.

  • The Military Balance

    Chapter 7: Middle East and North Africa

    05 February 2014. 

    Syria: Implications for regional armed forces; Regime regroups; Rebel forces
    Egypt: the military resumes power
    Iran: Missile developments
    GCC: Cooperative defence and Iran
    Regional defence economics; Major arms-trade developments in 2012 and 2013; Military commercial activities
    Algeria: Recent initiatives; Regional and border defence; Counter-terrorism and international cooperation; Defence economics

  • Politics and Strategy

    Steven Simon: Egypt’s crackdown could create new al-Qaedas

    06 January 2014.  Short memory is the software for repeated fateful errors. Egypt’s heightened repression of the Muslim Brotherhood is a good copy of the folly that led to the rise of the jihadist terrorism that culminated in 9/11. The New York Times today published my essay on this theme, which I wrote together with Daniel Benjamin, my colleague from the Clinton and Obama administrations (and my co-author for The Age of Sacred Terror and The Next Attack, as well...

  • Strategic Comments

    Libya: paralysed by militias

    22 November 2013. 

    Recent security incidents – including an oil blockade, the kidnapping of Prime Minister Ali Zeidan, and a lethal clash between a militia and civilians in Tripoli – have exposed the stranglehold that Libya's militias have over their country. Political paralysis is complicating efforts to tackle the problem.

  • IISS Voices

    Islam Al Tayeb: Fallout for Turkey over events in Egypt

    22 November 2013.  The election of a Muslim Brotherhood (MB) president in Egypt in 2012 seemed to be a validation of the so-called 'Turkish model' of moderate Islamic government, IISS Research Analyst Islam Al Tayeb writes in Today's Zaman. Therefore, 'Mohammed Morsi's controversial time in office and his eventual removal in a coup-cum-revolution four months ago’ could be damaging for Turkey. Our research analyst explains the parallels between Turkey’s ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP)...

  • IISS Voices

    Insecurity and conflict in the Sinai peninsula

    21 November 2013.  Violence and militant activity in the Sinai has increased to such a degree that the peninsula has been added to the more than 50 other conflicts covered by the IISS’s re-launched Armed Conflict Database (ACD). Our researchers have noted the considerable increase in violence since Egyptian President Muhammad Morsi was removed from power in July. Sporadic attacks targeting Israel; the Egyptian military apparatus; oil and gas pipelines; international peacekeepers; tourists; and...

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