• IISS Voices

    Freedom or firewalls: shaping Africa’s internet

    27 February 2017.  Cameroon's online blackout is a symptom of a growing problem. Governments around the world are struggling to balance the need for political stability with the enormous capacity of the internet to create social disruption. Harriet Ellis examines how the timing of this event will benefit China's campaign for cyber sovereignty.

  • Events

    India's Foreign Policy: A Mid-Term Review

    24 February 2017. 

    Discussion Meeting
    Manish Tewari, Official Spokesperson, Congress (I) Party, Former Union Minister for Information and Broadcasting, India
    Arundel House, London
    Friday 24 February 2017, 3–4pm GMT

  • Military Balance Blog

    China's aircraft and missile developments - implications for the F-35

    24 February 2017.    At the launch of The Military Balance 2017, Douglas Barrie, IISS Senior Fellow for Military Aerospace, talks about the significance of China’s aircraft and air-to-air missile developments. 'The pace and the introduction is almost unheralded,' he says. The People’s Liberation Army Air Force is developing a capable palette of air-to-air weapons that could make the air environment more difficult for the F-35 and supporting aircraft. Watch the full launch. The Military Balance 2017 features analysis...

  • Strategic Comments

    US Latin America policy under Trump

    23 February 2017. 

    Trump's Latin America policy, so far generally subdued, may become more active. The administration has sharply antagonised Mexico with harsh immigration and trade policies. Trump also appears inclined to take strong positions on Cuba and Venezuela, and his tilt against trade agreements could present strategic opportunities for China in the region.

  • Expert Commentary

    Can General McMaster stabilise Trump's foreign policy team?

    22 February 2017.  The new national security adviser's steady approach may rile the hot heads in President Trump’s inner circle.

  • The Military Balance

    Chapter 6: Asia

    14 February 2017.  Asia: Regional military roles; The South China Sea and Washington’s regional role; Southeast Asian states’ defence cooperation; Indian Air Force: fleet-recapitalisation challenges remain; Southeast Asia: capability enhancements; Northeast Asia; THAAD deployment in South Korea; Defence Economics; Macroeconomics; Asian defence spending; Procurement; Defence industry

    China: National-security legislation; Organisational reform; Theatre commands: responsible for war fighting; Armed services: responsible for building the force; Work in progress; PLA training in 2016; PLA Army organisation; People’s Liberation Army Air Force; People’s Liberation Army Navy; Defence Economics; Overhauling defence R&D; Realising the potential of civil–military integration; Diversifying defence-budget sources; China and the Third Offset Strategy
    Myanmar’s armed forces: privileges maintained
    Vietnam: New strategy document; Twelfth National Congress; Defence policy and capability; Foreign defence relations; Defence economics

  • Military Balance Blog

    China’s very-long-range missile development

    13 February 2017.  Images of a Chinese aircraft fitted with what appears to be a very-long-range air-to-air missile have recently appeared online. Douglas Barrie takes a closer look.

  • Politics and Strategy

    The Power of Siberia natural-gas project: commercial or political?

    30 January 2017.  For Russia, the Power of Siberia gas deal with China is a long-term investment aimed at securing geopolitical returns

  • Survival

    Russia and China: A New Model of Great-Power Relations

    26 January 2017.  By accommodating each other’s strategic interests, Russia and China have achieved an effective partnership despite significant imbalances between them.

  • Expert Commentary

    Staying friends with all powers works best for small nations

    13 January 2017.  Singapore's relationship with China is in the spotlight after a series of spats. William Choong, Shangri-La Dialogue Senior Fellow for Asia-Pacific Security, argues smaller states should ensure a balance of power between stronger nations.

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