• Survival

    Maxed Out?

    17 September 2014. 

    Two new books paint a picture of Obama’s grand strategy as one not of maximalism or retrenchment, but of restraint.

  • Survival

    The Smart Revisionist

    17 September 2014. 

    Beijing cultivates an image of a status quo power. But it has not yet fulfilled its ambitions, and there are indications that the easy part of China’s rise might be over.

  • Strategic Survey

    Chapter 12: Asia-Pacific

    12 September 2014. 

    China: Xi Jinping in the Ascendant
    Japan: Abe’s Radical Agenda
    Korean Peninsula: Impervious North
    Southeast Asia: Major-Power Competition and Domestic Political Flux
    Australia: Abbott’s Regional Forays

  • Expert Commentary

    Bloomberg: EU-Russia Gas Trade is Biggest Stake: Noel

    09 September 2014.  Hassanal Bolkiah Senior Fellow for Economic & Energy Security, IISS Pierre Noel discusses Europe’s reliance on Russian gas, the significance of Russia’s trade pact with China and the possibility of a gas crisis between Europe and Russia with Bloomberg’s Rishaad Salamat on 'On The Move.' Watch at Bloomberg  Former US National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski, will discuss 'The International System and the Ukraine Crisis' in the first plenary session of the 2014 IISS Global...

  • Expert Commentary

    Indian Express: Modi’s red lines

    25 August 2014.  By Sanjaya Baru, Director, Geo-economics and Strategy The decision of the Narendra Modi government to call off a meeting between the foreign secretaries of India and Pakistan, drawing a Lakshman rekha on the issue of Pakistan’s official contact with Kashmiri separatists, has surprised many in India and abroad. Coming after an initial unexpected generosity of spirit in the outreach to Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, this tough stance has been likened by...

  • IISS Voices

    Karl Eikenberry: Sino-American conflict is not inevitable

    08 August 2014.  China’s recent economic rise has generated widespread predictions of an inevitable conflict with the United States. But, IISS Council Member Lieutenant-General Karl Eikenberry argues in a recent article for American Review  that while there’s a long history of conflict between established and emerging powers, China and the United Sates are not necessarily fated to repeat the pattern today. Acknowledging the numerous points of tension between the two countries, Eikenberry suggests...

  • Strategic Comments

    Vietnam: maritime spat stirs domestic dissent

    07 August 2014. 

    The new opportunities for political expression that have opened up as a result of Vietnam's economic reforms have increased the pressure on the Communist Party and state to respond firmly to Beijing's assertive behaviour in the South China Sea.

  • Survival

    Cyber Warfare and Sino-American Crisis Instability

    25 July 2014.  China and the US both recognise that an armed conflict between them would include cyber warfare. But there is a curious and risky failure to connect the tactical military advantages of cyber attacks with the strategic hazards.

  • IISS Voices

    Braz Baracuhy: The BRICS New Development Bank: A Geo-economic Game-Changer

    24 July 2014.  By Braz Baracuhy, Consulting Senior Fellow for Geo-Economics and Strategy The sixth BRICS summit, held in Fortaleza, Brazil, on 15 July 2014, is a milestone for the bloc of emerging powers. After two years of technical consultations among finance officials, this meeting led to the establishment of the BRICS New Development Bank and a Contingent Reserve Arrangement (CRA). These innovations represent a geo-economic game-changer for the BRICS’ financial cooperation and its...

  • Strategic Comments

    Iran nuclear talks extended for four more months

    23 July 2014. 

    Deep differences over the allowable size of Iran's nuclear programme and how long restrictions on it should remain in place proved insurmountable in the latest round of negotiations. Iran and the six powers known as the E3+3 now have a further four months to determine whether they can summon the political will to bridge the gap.

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