• Anton Holoborodko: Military base at Perevalne 2014

    Russia’s Breaking Point

    By Nicholas Redman

    As Russia mulls its next move in Ukraine, consideration of its allies’ reactions might have greater weight than the response of the West.

  • djandyw.com: Turkey Politics Demo

    The End of the Turkish Model

    By Omer Taspinar

    The Turkish model of democracy, economic competence and regional influence is not unravelling because of a clash between Islam and secularism. The real conflict is between electoral democracy and liberalism.

  • Colby Drake, U.S. Navy: Russian Kilo submarine

    Russia and Ukraine

    By Samuel Charap and Keith Darden

    The West has often assumed that Russia is inherently hostile to Ukraine, and the March events seem to validate that assumption. But Moscow’s moves are in fact a real departure from previous Russian policy.

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Clawing at Ukraine

This issue includes articles on international affairs by François Heisbourg, Nicholas Redman and Shahram Chubin.

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The EU Without the Euro

By François Heisbourg

The single currency was supposed to have led to greater political union, but the policies taken to ensure its survival are having the opposite effect. An orderly retreat from the euro might be the EU’s least-bad option.

The Euro Goes to Court

By Erik Jones and R. Daniel Kelemen

The European Court of Justice must find a way to make the European Central Bank’s programme to support the euro acceptable without making it ineffective.

Is Iran a Military Threat?

By Shahram Chubin

Tehran’s military capabilities do not match its ambitions. It is cautious, defensive and prudent in resorting to force, due as much to experience as to realism about its own limits.