• Public Domain (Mary Anne Fackelman (White House photographer), via Wikimedia Commons)

    Able Archer 83: What Were the Soviets Thinking?

    By Gordon Barrass

    The 1983 war scare was less frightening than many have claimed. Nevertheless, the Able Archer episode offers lessons on dealing with situations of great tension.

  • Public Domain (Gage Skidmore, via Flickr)

    Closing Argument

    President Trump

    By Dana H. Allin

    In his closing argument, Dana H. Allin argues that the United States – and with it, the world – is entering terra incognita with the first overtly illiberal candidate to be elected president since the Second World War.

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    A Strong and Balanced Approach to Russia

    By Ash Carter

    The United States does not seek a new cold war with Russia. But the United States will defend its allies and partners, and the principled international order.

  1. Closing Argument

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America, Europe and the Necessary Geopolitics of Trade

By Jennifer M. Harris

Trade is not dead, but it does need some basic rethinking. Negotiations on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership offer an opportunity to do so.

Little Grey Men: China and the Ukraine Crisis

By Lora Saalman

China is moving towards a 'Russian' view of hybrid and proxy warfare – particularly in cyberspace.

The War in Yemen

By Emile Hokayem and David B. Roberts

The Yemen intervention has ushered in a new era in the Gulf's security discourse and, perhaps, praxis.