• Disunion and Nationalism in Europe

    Trident’s Replacement and the Survival of the United Kingdom

    By William Walker

    A nuclear-weapon system designed to guarantee the UK’s survival could hasten its political demise.

  • Disunion and Nationalism in Europe

    The Euro: Irreversible or Conditional?

    By Erik Jones

    It is hard to see how Europe’s political centre can survive the lifespan of the third Greek bailout. If it cannot, Greek exit from the euro will be back on the table.

  • Closing Argument

    Morons, Losers and Leaders

    By Matthew Harries

    If the Corbyn challenge is not met, Labour will be out of power for close to a generation, more than enough time for a political party to die.

  1. Disunion and Nationalism in Europe

  2. Disunion and Nationalism in Europe

  3. Closing Argument

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Strategy is Exhausting

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Advances in artificial intelligence augur increasingly autonomous lethal systems.


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