• Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff: Martin Dempsey and Fang Fenghui

    Cyber Warfare and Sino-American Crisis Instability

    By David C. Gompert and Martin Libicki

    China and the US both recognise that an armed conflict between them would include cyber warfare. But there is a curious and risky failure to connect the tactical military advantages of cyber attacks with the strategic hazards.

  • Pedro Szekely: Blue Mosque

    Turkey, Davutoglu and the Idea of Pan-Islamism

    By Behlül Ozkan

    Turkey’s foreign minister was the first intellectual to devise a rationalistic and pragmatic Islamist foreign policy. Five years in office have exposed a huge gap between his ambitions and the country’s ability to achieve them.

  • US State Department: John Kerry and Petro Poroshenko

    Ukraine and Global Order

    Crimea and the International Legal Order

    By William W. Burke-White

    Putin’s exploitation of the tension between the principles of non-intervention and self-determination is in the tradition of great-power interaction with international law. But Russia’s interpretation sets dangerous precedents.

  1. Ukraine and Global Order

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Cyber Warfare and Crisis Instability

This issue includes articles on international affairs by Mark Fitzpatrick, Wafa Alsayed and Behlül Ozkan.

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Ukraine and Global Order

The Ukraine Crisis and Nuclear Order

By Mark Fitzpatrick

On some issues, the fallout has been negligible, yet there is still reason for concern. The gravest dangers are the devaluing of security assurances and cracks in the credibility of extended deterrence.

Qatar and the Brotherhood

By David B. Roberts

The relationship is long-standing and mutually beneficial, but Doha seems to underestimate the antagonism it creates among its neighbours.

Political Activism in the Gulf

By Wafa Alsayed

Youth movements in the Gulf have been effective but ephemeral.