• The State of the Islamic State

    ISIS: The Dubious Paradise of Apocalypse Now

    By James Fromson and Steven Simon

    ISIS’s four principal manifestations – as a guerrilla army, Sunni political movement, millenarian cult and administrator of territory – suggest a strategy against it: aggressive containment.

  • Deterrence and Alliance

    Can Deterrence Ever Be Stable?

    By Michael Krepon

    Stability has been the holy grail of deterrence strategists since the outset of the US–Soviet nuclear-arms competition. This prize has been elusive because nuclear weapons are not stabilising.

  • Deterrence and Alliance

    Governing Cyberspace through Constructive Ambiguity

    By Paul Cornish

    At the heart of the cyber-governance problem is a fundamental disagreement over the relevance and significance of state sovereignty.

  1. The State of the Islamic State

  2. Deterrence and Alliance

  3. Deterrence and Alliance

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The state of the Islamic State

This issue includes articles on by James Fromson, Steven Simon, Michael Krepon and Paul Cornish.

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