• US Embassy, Kiev: VP Biden and PM Yatsenyuk

    Putin’s world

    Ukraine and the Art of Crisis Management

    By Lawrence Freedman

    Crisis management is the most demanding form of diplomacy. So far neither Russia nor the US and its European allies have handled it particularly well.

  • Saint-Petersburg Orthodox Theological Academy: Russian Priests

    Putin’s world

    Eurasian Integration and the Clash of Values

    By Alexander Lukin

    Putin has now established an independent power centre in Eurasia. Although economic considerations are important, they are also secondary to a set of values differing from those preached by the West.

  • Dmitry Terekhov: Sukhoi Su-25s

    Putin’s world

    Russian Military Capabilities after 20 Years of Reform

    By Bettina Renz

    Despite widespread perceptions, Russia is close to having the military it needs.

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By Alexander Nicoll

A ‘yes’ vote, though unlikely, would fundamentally alter the British Isles, and potentially Europe as well.

After the Bo Xilai Trial: Does Corruption Threaten China’s Future?

By Roderic Broadhurst and Peng Wang

Curbing corruption is vital for China’s future.

Asia’s Energy Supply and Maritime Security

By Pierre Noël

Asia’s reliance on seaborne energy trade is conducive to strategic cooperation. It is unclear whether this will outweigh strategic competition.