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    Coercing Climate Action

    By Bruce Gilley and David Kinsella

    If states cannot cooperate to take action on climate change, they might begin to coerce one another to do so.

  • (DOD photo by D. Myles Cullen/Released)

    Forum: NATO and Russia

    By Steven Pifer, Lukasz Kulesa, Egon Bahr, Götz Neuneck, Mikhail Troitskiy and Matthew Kroenig

    In the last issue of Survival, Matthew Kroenig proposed a new NATO strategy towards Russia. We invited American, European and Russian experts to react.

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    Fantasy Counterfactual: A Nuclear-Armed Ukraine

    By Maria Rost Rublee

    The suggestion that Ukraine should have kept its Soviet-era nuclear weapons is a counterfactual fantasy that groans under the weight of its technical, political and strategic assumptions.

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Survival Info Spot 57-2

Climate Change and Coercion

This issue includes articles on international affairs by Charles Freilich, Samuel Charap and Jeremy Shapiro, and David Shlapak.

Latest Politics and Strategy Posts

Why Can’t Israel Win Wars Any More?

By Charles D. Freilich

With its basic security against non-nuclear threats now essentially ensured, Israel should develop a greater ability to live with the pain inflicted by Hizbullah, Hamas and others like them.

Consequences of a New Cold War

By Samuel Charap and Jeremy Shapiro

To end Russian intervention in its neighbourhood, the West may have to recognise the country's special role there.

Towards a More Modest American Strategy

By David A. Shlapak

The debate over US national-security strategy is seemingly bracketed by two very 
similar choices.