• The Strategic Dilemma of a World Adrift

    By Chester A. Crocker

    Today’s disorder is measured in opportunities lost, problems left to fester and power vacuums left to implode.

  • Preserving Post-Cold War Europe

    By François Heisbourg

    Preserving the Post-Cold War system in Europe should be the aim of Western strategy towards Russia.

  • Facing Reality: Getting NATO Ready for a New Cold War

    By Matthew Kroenig

    If Russia were to rerun its playbook from Ukraine against a NATO member, how would the West respond?

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World Adrift?

This issue includes articles on international affairs by Chester Crocker, François Heisbourg and Matthew Kroenig.

Latest Politics and Strategy Posts

Cyber House Rules: On War, Retaliation and Escalation

By Lawrence J. Cavaiola, David C. Gompert and Martin Libicki

Cyber war is unfamiliar, dynamic and potentially uncontrollable. While not as destructive as nuclear war, it should be approached with similar respect.

Power and Order

By Lawrence Freedman

Henry Kissinger’s World Order harks back to a foreign policy that might seem old-fashioned. But it warns against ignoring the realities of power and interest.

Can Pakistan's Nuclear Dangers Be 'Normalised'?

By Arundhati Ghose and Manpreet Sethi

A nuclear deal such as Pakistan’s military and diplomatic elites have demanded for years would make them more, not less, risk-prone.