• Tommy Avilucea: Iraqi security forces in Baghdad

    Can Iraq Be Saved?

    By Toby Dodge

    Using the Sykes–Picot agreement to explain the Middle East falsely extrapolates from a single moment. This misuse of history will lead to poor policy.

  • US Navy: USS Ronald Reagan and other ships from RIMPAC 2010 transit the Pacific

    Strategy and Confusion

    Threatlessness and US Grand Strategy

    By Christopher J. Fettweis

    The American ability to think clearly about strategy did not survive the Cold War. As a result, the US worries more, and spends more, than is necessary to achieve its goals.

  • Cheong Wa Dae: President Park Geun-hye and Chinese President Xi Jinping inspect an honour guard

    Strategy and Confusion

    The Smart Revisionist

    By Jonathan Holslag

    Beijing cultivates an image of a status quo power. But it has not yet fulfilled its ambitions, and there are indications that the easy part of China’s rise might be over.

  1. Strategy and Confusion

  2. Strategy and Confusion

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Climate, Scarcity and Conflict

By Shiloh Fetzek and Jeffrey Mazo

The security threat from global warming is inextricably linked to development. Resource scarcity and environmental change increase the risk of conflict, and institutional capacity is key to minimising this effect.

Germany’s Commercial Realism and the Russia Problem

By Stephen F. Szabo

Berlin has ceded foreign policy to commerce.

Wealth and the Good Society

By David P. Calleo

In reminding us that unbounded wealth is dangerous, Thomas Piketty’s Capital does us a great favour. But the timidity of his remedy makes a credible solution elusive.