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    Deter, Defend, Attack

    Waging Cyber War the American Way

    By David C. Gompert and Martin Libicki

    The United States should remain wary of offensive cyber war, but also able to make it count when no choice remains.

  • Deterrence at Three rotator

    Deter, Defend, Attack

    Deterrence at Three: US, UK and French Nuclear Cooperation

    By Jeffrey Lewis and Bruno Tertrais

    Western nuclear deterrence could benefit from closer cooperation ‘at three’. The US, UK and France should take care, however, to do no harm to their existing bilateral relationships.

  • Strategic Logic of Nuclear Restraint rotator

    Deter, Defend, Attack

    The Strategic Logic of Nuclear Restraint

    By Adam Mount

    It is manifestly in the American interest that nuclear weapons are never again used in war – but if they are, should the United States retaliate in kind?

  1. Deter, Defend, Attack

  2. Deter, Defend, Attack

  3. Deter, Defend, Attack

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The Pope's divisions

This issue includes articles by Sibylle Scheipers, Virginia Comolli and Jeffrey Mazo.

Latest Politics and Strategy Posts

A Choice of Friends

Auxiliaries at War in the Middle East

By Sibylle Scheipers

If the West wants to contain or rout the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham, it will have to rely on local allies in some way. The history of modern war suggests three ways in which such cooperation has previously been problematic.


The Regional Problem of Boko Haram

By Virginia Comolli

Nigeria cannot defeat Boko Haram by itself.

Closing Argument

The Pope’s Divisions

By Jeffrey Mazo

Pope Francis’s recent encyclical letter on the environment is likely to have a major impact on public discourse, and perhaps on policy.