• Strategic Survey 2015

    The annual Review of world Affairs

    Strategic Survey 2015

    Persistent challenges to international security dominated world affairs in the year to mid-2015. Strategic Survey 2015: The Annual Review of World Affairs analyses the events of the year.

  1. The annual Review of world Affairs

Forthcoming 15 September

Strategic Survey 2015

the annual review of world affairs

Latest Strategic Comments

Strategic Geography

Europe’s home-grown Islamic extremism

The Strategic Geography section from Strategic Survey 2015 contains vital data in map form on key issues such as China’s growing foreign investments, the increasing complexity of crises in Syria and Iraq and migrant flows across the Mediterranean.

Key Strategic Risk Factors

Drivers of Strategic Change

In this new section, IISS experts seek to highlight developments and themes that have the potential to drive strategic change in individual regions, and in the world as a whole.

Strategic Policy Issues

An new era in the oil market

Strategic Survey 2015 contains special essays on changes in the oil market, Russia’s efforts at military modernisation, and global moves to combat climate change.