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    Launching 20 September

    Making sense of a year of fracture

    The latest edition of Strategic Survey offers impartial analysis of the events of the year that shaped relations between major powers. Join us on 20 September for analysis of a year of fracture in previously solid alliances and strategic partnerships, and insight into what can be done to repair the damage.

  1. Launching 20 September

Strategic Survey 2017

Strategic Survey 2017

The Annual Assessment of Geopolitics

Latest Strategic Comments

Strategic Geography

Strategic Survey has long contained vital data in map form, providing detailed, accessible overviews of issues that are altering the balance of power regionally and globally. The Strategic Geography section in Strategic Survey 2017 features maps on North Korea’s illicit economic network, constitutional change and conflict in Turkey, and the burgeoning food-security crisis.

Global powers

China and the US

The challenges facing Washington and Beijing feature heavily in Strategic Survey 2017.

2017 highlights

Special essays include an analysis of new developments in information warfare - as well as new writing on urbanisation, democracy and the future of the World Trade Organization.