• Strategic Survey 2013

    The annual Review of world Affairs

    Strategic Survey 2013

    Upheaval in the Arab world was a prominent feature of international affairs in the year to mid-2013, with Syria mired in civil war and protesters in Egypt toppling their government for a second time. Meanwhile, rapidly growing emerging powers found the realities of economics and politics catching up with them. Strategic Survey 2013: The Annual Review of World Affairs analyses the events and themes of the year, region by region and contains a chronology of key events from around the world.

  1. The annual Review of world Affairs

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Strategic Survey 2013

the annual review of world affairs

Strategic Survey 2013

Strategic Geography

Syria's civil war

The Strategic Geography section from Strategic Survey 2013 contains vital data in map form on key issues such as the increasingly internationalised civil war in Syria, Islamic extremism in West Africa and the shifting dynamics of world oil markets. 

Strategic Policy Issues

Lessons of the Cold War

Strategic Survey 2013 contains special essays on the nuclear arms race between Pakistan and India, and on the potential for greater cooperation in European defence.