• Strategic Survey 2014

    The annual Review of world Affairs

    Strategic Survey 2014

    A resurgence of major-power geopolitics has been the striking feature of 2014, from the crisis in Ukraine to tensions in the East China Sea. Strategic Survey 2014: The Annual Review of World Affairs analyses the events of the year.

  1. The annual Review of world Affairs

Forthcoming 17 September

Strategic Survey 2015

the annual review of world affairs

Strategic Geography

Ukraine: Crimea annexed, conflict in the east

The Strategic Geography section from Strategic Survey 2014 contains vital data in map form on key issues such as the crisis in Ukraine, the humanitarian disaster in Syria, Asia's rising military strength and the aftermath of the Arab Spring. 

Press launch

Strategic Survey 2014 Launch

In 2014, geopolitical uncertainty has been increased by a sense that challenges to the global status quo can be made without riposte, said John Chipman at the Strategicregic Survey launch.

Strategic Policy Issues

Security and Privacy in the Cyber Domain

Strategic Survey 2014 contains special essays on security and privacy in the cyber domain and hybrid insecurity in developing countries.