• Asia-Pacific Regional Security Assessment 2015

    Strategic Dossier

    Asia-Pacific Regional Security Assessment 2015

    This Strategic Dossier focuses on the evolving roles of the major powers in the Asia-Pacific, particularly the United States and China. It examines the dangers posed by potential flashpoints and how best to construct a stable regional order.

  1. Strategic Dossier

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Asia-Pacific Security Assessment 2015

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The FARC Files: Venezuela, Ecuador and the Secret Archive of  'Raúl Reyes'

This Strategic Dossier provides unique insights into the thinking and evolution of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC). It is based on a study of the computer disks belonging to Luis Edgar Devía Silva (aka Raúl Reyes), head of FARCs International Committee (COMINTER), that were seized by Colombian armed forces in a raid in March 2008 on Devías camp inside Ecuador.

North Korean Security Challenges: A net assessment

North Korea’s nuclear, missile and other asymmetric military capabilities present grave challenges to regional security. 

Latest Strategic Dossiers

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