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UK augments military and counter-terrorism capacities

While it does not represent a substantial change in direction, Britain’s latest defence and security review offers a credible plan to improve, modernise and increase UK security and hard power. It maintains the UK as a significant defence power, and adds and protects future capabilities, including in areas that are needed to deal with modern threats such as terrorism and cyber attack.

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Russia’s naval modernisation will take time

Following the collapse in Russian defence spending in the 1990s and early 2000s, there have been marked increases in recent years. This has allowed for a revival of naval capability.


Britain in Europe: battle commences

While some of the changes to Britain’s relationship with the EU that PM David Cameron is seeking will be hard for members to stomach, others seem quite achievable.

Turkey: more domestic turbulence ahead

Erdogan is likely to regard Turkey’s November election as a vindication and implicit endorsement of the authoritarian methods he has increasingly adopted in recent years.

Malaysia’s political challenges

Many Malaysians are concerned by evidence of a growing political polarisation along ethnic and religious lines.

Tunisia’s democracy faces economic challenges

Increasing efforts to aid Tunisia have come from the international community during the past year, as concern mounts that terrorism and economic malaise may erode faith in the democratic system.

Climate change: divisions persist ahead of Paris

Negotiations at the forthcoming Paris climate-change summit are likely to be difficult and intense, regardless of the level of momentum and political will for achieving a binding agreement.


EU’s naval mission in Mediterranean sets precedents

The European Union’s naval mission was quickly established in response to the growing migrant crisis off Europe’s southern shores. Aiming to disrupt the ‘business model’ of traffickers and to save lives, Operation Sophia also marks an important shift in EU foreign policy.