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The UK Brexit vote and its potential strategic impact

The UK's 'Leave' camp is mounting a strident and emotive campaign for the UK's departure from the EU, and has gained significant popular traction. 'Brexit' would pose serious economic and political risks to the UK and significantly diminish the EU 's size and clout. The 'Remain' camp will need to work hard to mobilise voters and put across the EU's benefits more effectively to prevent Brexit.

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The tenuous diplomacy of the Syrian conflict

International diplomacy with respect to Syria has been generally ineffective. But prospects for a political solution are improving.


Turkey’s diminishing policy options in Syria

Ankara currently appears caught between its inability to realise its regional objectives with respect to Syria and its refusal to moderate them.

After Brussels

In the wake of the recent attacks in Brussels, unity among Europe’s policymakers remains key to securing the continent against terrorism and addressing the root causes of Muslim radicalisation.

The commodities supercycle’s end

The end of the commodities supercycle has strained the economies of net exporters and has broadly increased political risk.

US–Saudi relations: between friction and accommodation

US–Saudi relations have always been transactional, but, after decades of relative stability, recent developments have caused their interests and policies to diverge.

China’s energy policy

China may be on a trajectory to become a major player in a global nuclear-power market traditionally dominated by the West.


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Argentina: a good start for Macri

Argentina’s new president Mauricio Macri has moved quickly and decisively to mend the country’s ailing economy and fix its international debt problems, signalled his intention to usher in more pragmatic and open foreign and trade policies, and earned high approval ratings. But the country's domestic economic problems are daunting, and Macri's remedial measures will take time to bear fruit.