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ISIS: the threat to homeland security

Western governments face a new homeland security preoccupation: the growing numbers of young Westerners joining Syrian rebel groups. This trend is giving rise to concerns that these 'foreign fighters' could return home having been radicalised to the point that they are willing to undertake terrorist attacks in their own countries.

Hong Kong's protests hint at deeper problems for China

The current protests reflect underlying political, social and cultural fissures between Hong Kong and mainland China.

Humanitarian Campaign's challenge to nuclear-weapon states

A new movement to ban and eliminate nuclear weapons is gathering strength.

Ukraine's election: springboard for change?

Ukraine's new parliament will need to implement long-overdue institutional reforms if it is to avoid another political crisis in the next few years.

Libya: Muslim Brotherhood’s tenuous hold

Members of Libya's Muslim Brotherhood feared that congressional elections could lead to a purge against them similar to that of Egypt.

Central African Republic: new UN mission

The success of MINUSCA in the CAR will depend on its ability to adapt to the shifting dynamics of a conflict that has gripped the country since early 2013.

Scots say 'no', but risks for UK remain

Although the result of the Scottish referendum on independence was clear, it heralds a new period of uncertainty for the UK.

NATO summit: reassurance and effective responses

Events in Ukraine and northern Iraq dramatically increased the significance of NATO's September summit. It marked a turning point for the Alliance, as combat operations in Afghanistan drew to a close and members renewed their commitment to collective defence.