The future of US Syria policy

Despite campaign rhetoric suggesting bold changes to US Syria policy, President Trump has few realistic military or political options for major departures from Obama's policy. US policy will probably change only at the margins.

Colombia: what comes next?

The revised peace agreement in Colombia, though still controversial, is salutary. But it will be an arduous process to implement the agreement effectively.

The percolating proxy war in Yemen

The military intervention against the Houthis in Yemen is an opportune way for Saudi Arabia and the UAE to roll back Iran in the region. But it is taking a severe toll on Yemen.

Trump and the US intelligence community

President Trump has publicly denigrated the value of the United States' intelligence community, imperilling the morale and retention of intelligence officers.

Social divisions and rising terrorist violence in Turkey

Turkey has not reduced Kurdish militant groups' capabilities or addressed their grievances. Accordingly, terrorist violence in the country is set to rise in the near future.

Africa and the International Criminal Court

The decision by three African states to begin the process of withdrawing from the ICC has given rise to fears of a mass exodus. Can it remain a viable institution in Africa?

Trump’s fraught national-security transition

President-elect Donald Trump's enthusiasm for consequential policy decisions suggests that he has a greater taste for the hands-on formulation of foreign policy than is commonly appreciated.

US–Mexico relations under Trump

If US President-elect Trump were to fulfil his strident campaign promises on immigration and trade with respect to Mexico, prospects for left-wing, populist candidates in the 2018 Mexican presidential election would likely improve. Victory for such a candidate could make Mexico significantly more antagonistic to the United States.