The wider implications of Zapad 2017

Russia's Zapad 2017 exercise conveyed Moscow's determination to re-establish its sphere of influence in the face of NATO’s perceived expansionism. NATO must not allow the fact that Zapad was less aggressive than some had feared to shake its firm commitment to eastern European allies.

Security implications of NAFTA’s disruption

US President Donald Trump's ongoing threats to overhaul or repudiate NAFTA have increased tensions with Mexico and engendered defence cooperations.

Humanitarian implications of armed conflict in cities

The Syrian civil war and the military campaign against the Islamic State have prompted a major reconsideration of responses to armed conflict in cities.

Angola’s uncertain transition

An improbably smooth transition in Angola appears to be taking shape under President João Lourenço, but he faces major domestic and foreign policy challenges.

Strategic implications of the ambush in Niger

The October jihadist ambush in Niger that left four American soldiers dead has raised questions about US military deployment overseas.

Spain’s Catalan separatist crisis

If Catalan voters re-assert independence in regional elections scheduled for 21 December, the cycle witnessed over the past several months could repeat and produce deeper crisis.

Kurdistan after the referendum

Facing political and economic isolation, the Kurdistan Regional Government's authority and cohesion has been weakened.

Peace in Colombia and the ELN

While a viable peace agreement with the National Liberation Army would put Colombia on a path to comprehensive peace, the ceasefire announced has attracted both hope and scepticism.