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Russian air patrols: long-range ambitions

For the Russian air force, long-range bomber missions are an opportunity to improve crew performance through the planning associated with such long sorties, regular air-to-air refuelling and increased training. For NATO members, the missions serve as a reminder that the Russian air force still retains an extended-range strike capability that the Alliance must factor into its collective air defence needs.

UK defence review: a test of strategic ambitions

A new UK defence review will be important in reconsidering the part that the country wishes to play in the world.

NPT review: failure underlines challenges ahead

The deterioration in relations between Russia and the West was a factor that had dampened hopes that the NPT RevCon could deliver progress on arms control.

European defence spending rises, but well short of NATO target

NATO’s European members are heightening military readiness because of Russia.

US and Cuba: remaking of a relationship

Unless the Cuban government enters a new phase of repression, the changes under way now appear irreversible. 

India–US relations acquire new momentum

Trade between India and the US has increased sharply over the last decade, but there is considerable scope and widespread political support for expansion.

Asian bank: funding infrastructure, building China’s influence

The AIIB will allow Beijing to define new norms for global economic governance.

Slow disarmament progress will hamper NPT review

The month-long NPT 'RevCon' will take place against the background of several regional confrontations and conflicts. Recent agreement in talks on Iran's nuclear programme may generate some optimism, but Russia's actions in Ukraine have considerably altered threat perceptions in the West.