US–Israel relations under Trump

President Trump has backpedalled on his disruptive pre-inauguration support for expanding West Bank settlements, a one-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, moving the US embassy to Jerusalem and tearing up the Iran nuclear agreement. Nevertheless, at least in the short term, Israel is likely to face less US resistance in pursuing aggressive policies than it did from the Obama administration, especially in regards to the Palestinians.

The urban refugee crisis

The Syrian refugee crisis has highlighted the urgent need to address the multi-dimensional challenges presented by urban refugees more effectively.

Somalia’s ever-arduous transition

The presidential election in Somalia has afforded Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed a strong mandate to forge a viable state. But there is much to be done before the UN mission in Somalia departs.

US Latin America policy under Trump

Trump's Latin America policy, so far generally subdued, may become more active. However, the administration's tilt against trade agreements could present strategic opportunities for China.

The future of US Syria policy

Despite campaign rhetoric suggesting bold changes to US Syria policy, President Trump has few realistic military or political options for major departures from Obama's policy.

Colombia: what comes next?

The revised peace agreement in Colombia, though still controversial, is salutary. But it will be an arduous process to implement the agreement effectively.

The percolating proxy war in Yemen

Saudi Arabia and the UAE's military intervention against the Iran-backed Houthis in Yemen, hesitantly supported by the US, is taking a severe toll on the country.

Trump and the US intelligence community

President Trump has publicly denigrated the value of the United States' intelligence community (IC), imperilling the morale and retention of intelligence officers. Unless he establishes a better working relationship with the IC, the White House not only risks hollowing out the IC but could also wind up politicising the intelligence process and misusing intelligence products.