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Uighur militancy threatens China's 'new Silk Road'

China is hoping that its northwestern province of Xinjiang can serve as a gateway for a 'new Silk Road' linking China with Central Asia and Europe, but the infusion of jihadism into a long-running separatist movement is a concern for both Beijing and for other governments.

Illegal mining strengthens criminal groups in Latin America

Governments across Latin America are enhancing their efforts to tackle illegal mining.

Ukraine conflict: risk of escalation remains

The Ukraine conflict has been pushed into a new phase by elections in separatist-controlled Donetsk and Luhansk. A renewal of hostilities is possible at any point in the coming months.

Turkey's Syria role risks instability at home, isolation abroad

Turkey’s decision to allow Iraqi Kurdish Peshmerga fighters to reinforce Kobane appeared set to raise domestic security risks while failing to reduce its isolation in the region.

ISIS: the threat to homeland security

Western governments face a new homeland security preoccupation: the growing numbers of young Westerners joining Syrian rebel groups.

Hong Kong's protests hint at deeper problems for China

The current protests reflect underlying political, social and cultural fissures between Hong Kong and mainland China.

Humanitarian Campaign's challenge to nuclear-weapon states

As the next NPT review conference approaches, a new movement to ban and eliminate nuclear weapons is gathering strength.

Ukraine's election: springboard for change?

If Ukraine's new government is not able to implement long-overdue institutional reforms, there is a substantial risk of another political crisis in the next few years.