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Elimination of Syria's chemical weapons stalls

Important progress has been made towards the elimination of Syria's chemicals-weapons programme. But the process relies on the goodwill of Damascus, which has fallen behind on its targets for the removal of chemicals.

Pacific Alliance trade bloc eyes global role

Seeking to market themselves as a manufacturing and investment hub, the four members of the Pacific Alliance are claiming a greater role for themselves in the global economy.

Revisiting Rwanda: lessons learned?

Twenty years after mass killing engulfed Rwanda, the international community still faces familiar questions about the definition of genocide, and about intervention.

China's national-security overhaul

In establishing a new National Security Commission, President Xi Jinping has created a single forum for the consideration of all of China's security concerns, both external and internal.

South Sudan's persistent strife

While diplomats attempt to find a lasting solution to a long-standing political rivalry, millions of South Sudanese are experiencing an acute humanitarian crisis.

China's strategic Arctic interests

China's intensifying activity in the Arctic is part of a general expansion of its maritime interests and capabilities, seeking a level of influence to match its global economic status.

Pakistan's delicate civil–military balance

As the lynchpin of the critical civil–military relationship, Pakistan's new chief of army staff will be able to exert influence over national politics, as well as regional relationships.

Iraq violence grows ahead of elections

A fresh cycle of sectarian violence has resulted in militants gaining control of the city of Fallujah in Iraq's Anbar province, prompting fears of a return to civil war.