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Lima climate accord: positive steps on the road to Paris

Pledges made at the United Nations climate-change negotiations in Lima suggested a higher degree of commitment to agreeing crucial emissions reductions than has been previously on display. There is a chance that a substantive deal may yet be reached in Paris.

Major exercise tests CTBT verification regime

Integrated Field Exercise 2014 was a chance to test the efficacy of the verification regime that will support the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty.

US Navy seeks to maintain supremacy

To other navies, the US Navy remains indisputably the world’s pre-eminent military maritime force. But it considers itself to be spread thinly and is reviewing its maritime strategy.

Chinese vision drives East Asian détente

Beijing's apparent recognition that its assertive pursuit of its national interests has damaged China's standing may be the motivation behind efforts to reduce regional tensions.

Landmark peace deal close in southern Philippines

The successful implementation of a peace deal for the island of Mindanao would allow for the development of a currently poor region that is rich in natural resources.

Nuclear power: growing role of emerging nations

The increasing engagement of emerging nations with nuclear technology will have important implications for nuclear governance.

North Korea: growing threat despite charm offensive

North Korea poses an array of security threats to its neighbours and the wider world, and these threats continue to grow.

Countering hybrid threats: challenges for the West

The West's adversaries have increasingly sensed the advantages of mixing up tactics and gaining asymmetric advantages. Countering such 'hybrid' threats will require new, adjustable, cross-government, cross-Alliance responses.