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Humanitarian Campaign's challenge to nuclear-weapon states

As the next NPT review conference approaches, a new movement to ban and eliminate nuclear weapons is gathering strength.

Ukraine's election: springboard for change?

Ukraine's new parliament will need to implement long-overdue institutional reforms if it is to avoid another political crisis in the next few years.

Libya's civil war no closer to resolution

Libya Dawn’s gambit of seizing Tripoli has yet to deliver a solid return. If no compromise with parliament can be agreed, war may continue.

Central African Republic: new UN mission

The success of MINUSCA in the CAR will depend on its ability to adapt to the shifting dynamics of a conflict that has gripped the country since early 2013.

Scots say 'no', but risks for UK remain

Although the result of the Scottish referendum on independence was clear, it heralds a new period of uncertainty for the UK.

NATO summit: reassurance and effective responses

Events in Ukraine and northern Iraq dramatically increased the significance of NATO's September summit. It marked a turning point for the Alliance.

New approaches to Central American organised crime

New security policies to tackle transnational criminal groups are symptomatic of the limitations of local police forces, as well as of relying too heavily on military interventions.

Challenges for India's new government

Although the convincing election victory achieved by Narendra Modi's Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) promises a foundation of stability in India’s government, Modi is to boost economic growth and investor confidence will still need to reach out to his opponents.