US–Mexico relations under Trump

If US President-elect Trump were to fulfil his strident campaign promises on immigration and trade with respect to Mexico, prospects for left-wing, populist candidates in the 2018 Mexican presidential election would likely improve. Victory for such a candidate could make Mexico significantly more antagonistic to the United States.

The Islamic State and Southeast Asia

Up to a thousand Southeast Asians have travelled to the Middle East to fight for the Islamic State. While some may return to engage in terrorism, the greater threat is homegrown extremism.

Bolivia: Morales’s growing unpopularity

There appears to be growing eagerness for Bolivian President Evo Morales to step down. But has vowed to find a way to run for a fourth term and continue as head of state.

China’s assertiveness in the South China Sea

China's defiance of the arbitration tribunal ruling overwhelmingly rejecting its extensive territorial claims in the South China Sea has exposed competition between the United States and China.

North Korea: US and allied military options

North Korean nuclear bomb and ballistic missile tests may require the US and its regional allies to take a harder look at military options against North Korea.

The evolution of US–Israel relations

The main source of change in Israel's current interests and objectives is its evolving relationship with the US, with which it has clashed on a range of strategic issues.

The Philippines: Duterte’s wilful start

A hundred days into his term, President Rodrigo Duterte has already asserted his power with a brutal campaign on drugs, weakening the Philippines' alliance with the US.

The United States’ Syria quandary

Following the collapse of the latest ceasefire, the Obama administration faces increasing pressure from interventionists for more robust military action against the Assad regime. But the United States' military options are problematic. The administration's Syria policy will probably not change substantially before he leaves office in January, though Hillary Clinton – his likely successor – has indicated that she would lean farther forward, in particular by imposing no-fly zones.