NATO’s look East

Russia's military modernisation and aggressiveness have prompted NATO to refocus on European security, but differences remain among allies over the specific measures required to ensure effective deterrence.

Jordan's pragmatism and current challenges

With a bulging refugee population, the threat of jihadist infiltration and a weak economy, Jordan balance its cooperation with the US and with Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Arab states.

Iraq's political turmoil

Massive political protests in Iraq have mobilised the majority Shia population. There is a salient risk that popular demands will be pursued through violence.

Brazil's political and economic crisis

Brazilian Interim President Michel Temer must deal with Brazil's distressed economy and scandalous corruption. But there is doubt about his ability to do so effectively.

The last Nuclear Security Summit

The fourth and final Nuclear Security Summit in Washington DC marked the culmination of a seven-year process of improving the security of nuclear and radioactive materials.

China's shaky trade figures and their ramifications

Statistical problems and anomalies are arising with respect to China's troubled economy, bringing into doubt some bedrock economic indicators.

The UK Brexit vote and its potential strategic impact

'Brexit' would pose serious economic and political risks to the UK and significantly diminish the EU's size and clout.

The tenuous diplomacy of the Syrian conflict

International diplomacy with respect to the Syrian conflict has been episodic and generally ineffective. But greater engagement by the Syrian regime and the passage of UNSCR 2254 have improved prospects for a political solution.