Iran’s nuclear agreement: the terms

If faithfully implemented, the agreement reached on 14 July will put off the threat of a nuclear weapon for 15 years, and remove Iran from its economic and political isolation.

Communications interception: UK report seeks legal reform

A UK government report is the most detailed and comprehensive examination of official interception of communications yet.

Russian air patrols: long-range ambitions

Long-range bomber missions conducted by the Russian air force  serve as a reminder to NATO of Russia’s extended-range strike capability.

UK defence review: a test of strategic ambitions

A new UK defence review will be important in reconsidering the part that the country wishes to play in the world.

NPT review: failure underlines challenges ahead

The recent deterioration in relations between Russia and the West has dampened hopes that the NPT RevCon could deliver meaningful progress on arms control.

European defence spending rises, but well short of NATO target

NATO’s European members are heightening military readiness because of Russia.

US and Cuba: remaking of a relationship

Unless the Cuban government enters a new phase of repression, the changes under way now appear irreversible. 

India–US relations acquire new momentum

Having previously been characterised by mutual mistrust and tension, relations between India and the United States began to improve at the turn of this century. Bilateral trade has increased sharply over the last decade, but there is considerable scope and widespread political support in both countries for expansion.