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EU’s future tested by migrants, Greece and UK

Recent crises reveal an increasing tendency among European Union members to pursue narrow national interests rather than to formulate and stick to common positions.

Libya’s fragmented conflict resists solutions

While Libya’s civil war notionally has two sides, each is made up of a multitude of militias and factions with ever-changing internal dynamics.

Thailand’s troubled politics

A bomb attack in Bangkok in August 2015 again focused international attention on Thailand's turbulent domestic politics.

China’s land reclamation in the South China Sea

For China’s neighbours, the most worrying aspect of its land-reclamation works in the South China Sea is that it is unilaterally changing the status quo.

Iran’s nuclear agreement: the terms

If faithfully implemented, the agreement reached on 14 July will put off the threat of a nuclear weapon for 15 years, and remove Iran from its economic and political isolation.

Communications interception: UK report seeks legal reform

The UK produces the most detailed examination of official interception of communications yet.

Russian air patrols: long-range ambitions

Russia's long-range bomber missions are an opportunity to improve performance and serve as a reminder to NATO of Russia’s extended-range strike capability.

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UK defence review: a test of strategic ambitions

In conducting a new defence review, Britain’s Conservative government will need to determine its level of strategic ambition, and to set commensurate budget goals for the next five years.