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European defence spending rises, but well short of NATO target

Although NATO’s European members are increasing defence spending in the context of Russian aggression, there is a $100bn deficit between aspirations and actual spending.

US and Cuba: remaking of a relationship

Unless the Cuban government enters a new phase of repression, the changes under way now appear irreversible. 

India–US relations acquire new momentum

Trade between India and the US has increased sharply over the last decade, but there is scope and political support in both countries for expansion.

Asian bank: funding infrastructure, building China’s influence

The AIIB will allow Beijing to define new norms for global economic governance.

Slow disarmament progress will hamper NPT review

The month-long NPT 'RevCon' will take place against the background of several regional confrontations and conflicts.

Ukraine ceasefire remains a work in progress

The long-term viability of the February 2015 ceasefire agreement depends on Kiev's ability to implement contentious constitutional reforms.

Petrobras scandal casts cloud over Brazil's prospects

Public anger both at the scandal and an economic slowdown is undermining President Dilma Rousseff's popularity.

Iraqi Kurdistan: the essential briefing

Could the Kurdistan Regional Government use Iraq's current conflict to push for independence? The oil-rich territory already enjoys many of the trappings of an independent state, but its leaders have generally been cautious of the new challenges independence would create.