• Military Balance 2016

    The Military Balance 2016

    The Military Balance 2016 will be launched on Tuesday 9 February 2016.

    'Because military affairs are inevitably clouded in fog, the IISS Military Balance is an essential companion for those who seek to understand.'
    Lord Robertson of Port Ellen, former UK Defence Secretary and Secretary-General of NATO

  • Military Balance 2015 Chart: Russia's Armed Froces

    Military Balance 2015 Chart

    Russia's armed forces

    The Military Balance 2015 comes with a new wall chart focusing on ‘Russia’s Armed Forces’, showing the geographical disposition of key units of Army, Navy, Air Force and Strategic Rocket Forces.

  • Military Balance 2015 New Features

    The Military Balance 2015

    New features in the Military Balance 2015

    New features in The Military Balance 2015 include equipment analysis graphics, a wall chart detailing Russia’s armed forces and essays on hybrid warfare, US space systems and directed energy weapons.

  • Military Balance 2015

    Defence Spending

    Global Spending rises for first time since 2010

    Global defence spending was up 1.7% in 2014, the first rise since 2010. However US defence spending has dropped from 47% of the global total in 2010 to around 38% in 2014.

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Military Balance 2016

Middle East and North Africa

Despite continued US-led military actions against the Islamic State, the group retains significant territory in both Syria and Iraq. In Syria, the Assad regime’s armed forces were bolstered by the deployment of Russian airpower. The Saudi-led coalition continues military action against Houthi rebels in Yemen. This year's analysis covers these and other issues, such as Libya, Iran and the Iraqi armed forces.


Military Balance 2016


While NATO continued to assure allies and adapt its forces in light of Russia’s military activity, defence budgets and capabilities remained under scrutiny.

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Military Balance 2016


Tensions over territorial claims persisted, while military modernisation continued. We analyse China’s and Australia’s armed forces, Japan’s defence policy and India’s defence industries.