• Forthcoming Feb 2015

    Military Balance 2015

    The Military Balance 2015 will be launched on 11 February 2015. 

    New features include technical equipment-focused graphics, a chart of Russia’s armed forces and analytical essays on hybrid warfare, directed energy weapons and US space systems.

  • Military Balance 2014

    The Essential Military Reference

    Military Balance 2014

    The Military Balance is the IISS annual assessment of the military capabilities and defence economics of 171 countries worldwide. 

    Because military affairs are inevitably clouded in fog, the IISS Military Balance is an essential companion for those who seek to understand.’ Lord Robertson of Port Ellen, former UK Defence Secretary and Secretary-General of NATO

  • Military Balance 2014: Defence Spending

    Defence Spending

    Global Spending falls

    Although emerging economies continue to ramp up their defence spending levels, defence budget cuts in Western states and the drawdown of military operations in Afghanistan have meant that, globally, real defence spending is estimated to have fallen in 2013.

  • Chart of Conflict 2014

    Chart of Conflict 2014

    Women in Conflict

    This year the chart focuses on women in armed conflict with graphs, tables and timelines highlighting the many roles played by women in military confrontations and how conflict impacts on the female population.

    Included in every print copy of The Military Balance 2014, the 2014 Chart of Conflict is also available to buy separately.

  1. Forthcoming Feb 2015

  2. The Essential Military Reference

  3. Defence Spending

  4. Chart of Conflict 2014

Latest Military Balance

The Military Balance 2014

Military Balance 2014

Middle East and North Africa

The continuing effects of the Arab Spring dominated regional defence and security concerns. Conflict in Syria, including the use there of chemical weapons, unrest in post-conflict Libya, and missile developments in Iran form part of this year’s analysis, with a special focus on Algeria’s defence policy, equipment procurement and defence economy.

Military Balance 2014


As defence cuts continue, NATO and EU attempts at greater coordination and equipment pooling and sharing proceed slowly.

Military Balance 2014


With accelerating defence spending and defence procurement in major Asian states, the region’s armed forces continue to grow in strength.