• AP447-8

    10 Years of the Manama Dialogue

    Middle Eastern Security, the US Pivot and the Rise of ISIS

    To mark the tenth anniversary of the IISS Manama Dialogue the IISS is publishing an Adelphi book that analyses the key challenges now faced by the Middle East.

  • AP 446

    China’s Nuclear Posture

    Paper Tigers

    China’s nuclear arsenal has long been an enigma. Westerners continue to disagree about basic factual information concerning one of the world’s most important nuclear-weapons states. This Adelphi book documents and explains the evolution of China’s nuclear forces in terms of historical, bureaucratic and ideological factors.

  • Adelphi 445

    History, Honour and Territory in Sino-Japanese Relatons

    The Ties that Divide

    The cool-headed decision of China and Japan in the 1970s to shelve contentious issues such as Japan’s wartime record and the question of sovereignty over the Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands has been overturned. In its place, leaders and publics are indulging in nationalism and an inclination toward irrational or risky behaviour.

  1. 10 Years of the Manama Dialogue

  2. China’s Nuclear Posture

  3. History, Honour and Territory in Sino-Japanese Relatons

Iraq: From War to a New Authoritarianism

Adelphi 434 Iraq: From War to a New Authoritarianism

By Toby Dodge


Overcoming Pakistan's Nuclear Dangers

Pakistan is unlikely to be persuaded to join the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. Instead, Mark Fitzpatrick argues, it should be offered a cooperation deal like Washington’s with India as an incentive to abandon certain nuclear activities.

By Aaron Friedberg

Beyond Air–Sea Battle

Finding a credible response to China’s anti-access/area-denial capabilities is now the central task confronting US military planners.


Arctic Opening: Insecurity and Opportunity

As global warming makes the Arctic increasingly accessible, the world’s interest in it increases.