• Adelphi 453 Egypt After the Spring

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    Egypt After the Spring: Revolt and Reaction

    This Adelphi examines the tumultuous period from the uprising against Hosni Mubarak, via the election and ouster of Muhammad Morsi, to the consolidation of presidential power under Abdel Fattah Al‑Sisi.

  • North Africa Adelphi Rotator

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    North Africa in Transition: The Struggle for Democracies and Institutions

    This Adelphi book examines how the politics, security and economies – which were largely stable for decades prior to 2011 – have changed in the four states of the Maghreb.

  1. New Adelphi Book

  2. New Adelphi Book

Egypt After the Spring

Egypt after the spring Adelphi 453-4

Edited by Emile Hokayem with Hebatalla Taha

Adelphi Books

China's Strong Arm: Protecting Citizens and Assets Abroad

China has long adhered to a principle of ‘non-interference’ in other states’ affairs. However, as more of its companies have been investing in projects overseas, and millions of its nationals are travelling abroad, Beijing is finding itself progressively involved in other countries.

Power Shifts & New Blocs in the Global Trading System

Leading commentators – including two former heads of the WTO – examine the possible consequences of the shifting Global trade landscape.

Spoiler Groups and UN Peacekeeping

By embracing and developing three concepts – robust peacekeeping, political processes, and the protection of civilians – the UN can arrive at a stabilisation doctrine.