• Overcoming Pakistan's Nuclear Dangers


    Overcoming Pakistan's Nuclear Dangers

    Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal – the fastest growing in the world – raises concerns on many grounds. In his new Adelphi book, Mark Fitzpatrick agues that to reduce nuclear dangers, Pakistan should be offered a formula for nuclear legitimacy.


Iraq: From War to a New Authoritarianism

Adelphi 434 Iraq: From War to a New Authoritarianism

By Toby Dodge

Edited by Alan Wheatley

The Power of Currencies and Currencies of Power

The dollar’s status as the leading global currency gives the US immense political as well as financial clout, but that power risks being eroded – with unpredictable strategic consequences – as the Chinese renminbi and possibly other currencies assume greater prominence.

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Arctic Opening: Insecurity and Opportunity

As global warming makes the Arctic increasingly accessible, the world’s interest in it increases. 

By Emile Hokayem

Syria’s Uprising and the Fracturing of the Levant

An insight into the myriad opposition groups, the conflicting external interests and the murky calculations of the Assad regime.