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    China’s Cyber Power

    As China increasingly gains the economic benefits of global connectivity, the West’s technological edge is fast eroding. In this Adelphi, Nigel Inkster examines the political, historical and cultural development of China’s cyber power in light of evolving capabilities and governance structures.


    New Adelphi Book

    Asia's Latent Nuclear Powers: Japan, South Korea and Taiwan

    Under what conditions would the democracies in Northeast Asia seek to join the nuclear weapons club? Mark Fitzpatrick takes a look in the latest IISS Adelphi.

  1. New Adelphi Book

  2. New Adelphi Book

China’s Cyber Power

Adelphi 456

By Nigel Inkster

EDITED BY Emile Hokayem with Hebatalla Taha

Egypt After the Spring: Revolt and Reaction

This edited Adelphi volume brings together senior scholars as well as rising analysts of Egypt to examine the tumultuous period from the January 2011 uprising against Hosni Mubarak, via the election and ouster of Muhammad Morsi, to the consolidation of presidential power under Abdel Fattah Al‑Sisi by late 2015.

Adelphi Book

North Africa in Transition

This Adelphi examines how the politics, security and economies have changed in the four states of the Magrheb.

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China’s Strong Arm

As more of China's companies have been investing in projects overseas, and millions of its nationals are travelling abroad, Beijing is finding itself progressively involved in other countries.