• Politics and Strategy

    Erik Jones: Italy’s Invisible Referendum Market Shock

    05 December 2016.  The Italian electorate delivered a stunning blow to PM Matteo Renzi and his government in the referendum held on 4 December. Yet the markets most likely to be surprised by this dramatic turn of events simply shrugged the matter off. The euro lost just over one cent against the dollar in early morning trading only to return to pre-referendum levels within hours. The Italian stock market recovered even faster. If there...

  • Politics and Strategy

    Regime change for Iran?

    21 December 2016.  Iran's behaviour on a number of fronts is unpalatable to the United States. But a policy of regime change is not the answer.

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  • Politics and Strategy
    17 March 2017

    Freezing North Korea’s nuclear quest

    Every effort should be made to stop the surge in North Korea's missile capabilities, according to Mark Fitzpatrick.

  • Politics and Strategy
    13 March 2017

    The Emperor vs the Adults: Donald Trump and Wilhelm II

    The analogy between the US president and German emperor works because of similar institutional and international realities, and because personality matters, writes François Heisbourg in the forthcoming April–May issue of Survival.

  • Politics and Strategy
    28 February 2017

    Don’t apply new Iran sanctions before prioritising the problems

    Concerned states should prioritise their objectives when considering further sanctions against Iran, Mark Fitzpatrick advises.

  • Politics and Strategy
    21 February 2017

    An H.R. McMaster Survival reader

    Free access to four articles by newly appointed US National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster.

  • Politics and Strategy
    13 February 2017

    North Korean missile test: Don’t go ballistic

    Although North Korea’s latest missile test appears significant in technological terms, it did not cross President Donald Trump’s tweeted red line. Trump’s response suggests a willingness to deliberate when the policy options are dismal.