Antônio Sampaio

Antonio Sampaio

Research Associate for Security and Development


Main responsibilities: Antônio Sampaio analyses non-state threats such as organised crime, guerrilla groups and terrorism, with emphasis on how these sources of insecurity affect social and economic development. He also examines the links between  insurgencies and crime. His geographical focus is on areas of weak governance and mega-cities, including – but not limited to – Latin America. He also writes regularly on the foreign and security policies of emerging powers, especially Brazil. His analysis has been featured in international media outlets such as Foreign Policy, ehe Financial Times, Defense News, Época (Brazil) and NTN TV (Colombia).


  • Organised crime, guerrilla groups and their impact on social and economic development, with emphasis on Latin America and Africa
  • Politics and security in Latin America
  • Foreign policy of Brazil
  • The diplomatic and geo-political aspects of South-South cooperation and the BRICS group of rising  powers

Background: Antônio holds an MA (distinction) in Terrorism, Security and Society from King’s College London. He also completed a BA in Journalism in Brazil. Before joining the IISS he worked as an editor at the international desk of the Brazilian news channel Globo News. During 2013 he developed several research streams in the IISS on Latin American security and political topics, leading to articles and events. He has written on organised crime, urban security and guerrilla warfare, as well as on the regional politics of Latin America. He is also a regular commentator at Monocle 24 radio.

Joined IISS: July 2011

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