Corporate Membership

Strategic Partnership - Executive

Strategic Partnership gives institutions, both government and private, a thorough understanding of geopolitical risks to support decision-making and operations.

This category is intended for leading global companies and institutions who seek a close relationship with the IISS and the visibility of such an association. Central to this is involvement at two of the Institute’s three flagship international events held annually, which draw top-level decision makers and corporate leaders.

Executive Strategic Partnership is suitable for global players seeking to network on the highest level with governments, business leaders and other global corporations. It also includes priority access to the Institute’s staff through private, bespoke briefings on security, foreign policy, political, economic, commercial and technological issues.

Benefits of Membership

Executive Strategic Partnership provides the following benefits:

  • Nominate up to five representatives to the IISS

International Events and Networking

Bespoke Briefings and Consultancy

  • Receive up to four briefings a year (depending on format) on key security, foreign policy, political, economic, commercial and technological issues by accessing the expertise of the Institute’s staff and consultancy network; briefings can be delivered in person or by video-conference
  • Invitations to selected group briefings specifically tailored to Corporate Members’ needs with timely and relevant topics and discussions
  • Priority access to the bespoke consultancy services that can be provided by IISS Consulting.

Publications and Resources

  • Receive upto ten sets per year of the Institute’s publications:
  • Survival: Global Politics and Strategy, the Institute’s international relations journal
  • The Adelphi series, providing in-depth analysis of general strategic issues
  • Strategic Survey: The Annual Review of World Affairs, examining the year’s political and military trends
  • Strategic Comments, online briefings on breaking strategic issues
  • The Military Balance, the authoritative annual inventory of the world’s armed forces
  • Five staff licenses to use the IISS Armed Conflict Database, an authoritative, interactive resource of detailed material on more than 70 conflicts around the world
  • Online access to the Members area of the IISS website, including access to the above publications
  • Access to presentations and discussions via webcasts
  • Priority access to IISS facilities to book meetings, briefings, conferences and video-conferences.

Contact the Membership Team for further information

Enquire about Strategic Partnership

If you wish to subscribe as an Executive Strategic Partner please follow the link and complete the 'Enquire about Membership' form. The Corporate and External Relations Department will then contact you to proceed with your application.

Strategic Partnership

Nominees receive all IISS publications and invitations to our regular events, plus meetings and webinars held exclusively for them. The higher levels of Strategic Partnership include bespoke briefings and access to our flagship defence diplomatic Dialogues in the Asia-Pacific and the Gulf.