The International Institute for Strategic Studies - Washington, DC

The Washington office of the IISS answers a very particular US demand for international perspective on foreign affairs and defence and security policy.

IISS-US Policy Makers Series

Intelligence and Policy in an Era of Transparency

Dr Gregory Treverton, Chairman of the US National Intelligence Council, discusses how US intelligence can maintain a strategic edge in a world awash with information and where most nation states now have intelligence collection capabilities that were once the preserve of a few powers.

Discussion Meeting

The Rise of the Islamic State and the Future of Iraq

In spite of the undoubted military threat that the Islamic State poses, their rise is a symptom of a much larger set of primarily political pathologies that have dogged the Iraqi state since 2003, argued IISS Middle East expert Toby Dodge at IISS-US.

US Policy Makers Series

The IISS-US Policy Makers Series provides a forum for senior US officials to present new policies and initiatives to the broader strategic, expert, business and media communities.

Latest IISS Posts on the US

Towards a More Modest American Strategy

The debate over US national-security strategy is seemingly bracketed by two very similar choices, says David Shlapak in the new issue of Survival.

New Adelphi on Global Trading System

As economic powers from the developing world alter the balance in the global trading system, this new book - launched at IISS-US - examines the possible consequences of this shifting trade landscape.