The International Institute for Strategic Studies - Washington, DC

The Washington office of the IISS answers a very particular US demand for international perspective on foreign affairs and defence and security policy.

Survival: Global Politics and Strategy

Intelligence and Policy in an Era of Transparency

The United States should remain wary of offensive cyber war, but also able to make it count when no choice remains, argue David Gompert and Martin Libicki in the new issue of Survival.

IISS Shangri-La Dialogue 2015

Carter: Everyone rises, everyone wins

US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter called for 'a regional security architecture where everyone rises' in his address to the 2015 IISS Shangri-La Dialogue. He also said China was out of step with international norms in its activity in the South China Sea.

US Policy Makers Series

The IISS-US Policy Makers Series provides a forum for senior US officials to present new policies and initiatives to the broader strategic, expert, business and media communities.

Latest IISS Posts on the US

A Military analysis of Ukraine and ISIS 

Ben Barry, IISS Senior Fellow for Land Warfare examines the dynamics of the Ukrainian conflict and the ISIS insurgency and examines the emerging military lessons.

New Adelphi: China's Strong Arm

China has long adhered to a principle of ‘non-interference’ in other states’ affairs. However, as more of its companies invest overseas, Beijing is finding itself involved.