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IISS-Middle East

The International Institute for Strategic Studies - Manama, Bahrain

The Manama office serves as a base for the Institute's many research programmes and activities throughout the region. It acts as a link to IISS initiatives in Europe, North America and Asia.

Geo-Economics and Strategy Conference 07-08 September 2014

Business Opportunity and Political Risk in the Middle East

Home to some the world’s most prosperous economies and rich in natural resources, the Gulf and Middle East play a vital role in the global economy. Delegates at the latest IISS Geo-economics and Strategy Conference examined the Gulf’s new economic horizons and models for development; energy and economic sustainability in the Middle East; and the economic policy lessons of the Middle East since 2011.

10th IISS Regional Security Summit

Manama Dialogue 2014

The 10th IISS Regional Security Summit: the Manama Dialogue will convene from 5-7 December 2014 in Bahrain.

Analysing the Arab Spring

Since early 2011, the institute has been researching and reporting on the political changes that have radically altered the Middle East and North African region.

Latest Middle East Posts

Adelphi Book

Iraq's new authoritarianism

The country is descending into a new dictatorship, says leading scholar Dr Toby Dodge in his latest Adelphi book which has been named one of The Economist's books of 2013.

Middle East Expert Series

Cyber security in the Gulf

How can governments and private organisations in the Gulf best protect themselves against online attack? A panel of experts at IISS-Middle East discusses cyber security in the region