middle east office

IISS-Middle East

The International Institute for Strategic Studies - Manama, Bahrain

The Manama office serves as a base for the Institute's many research programmes and activities throughout the region. It acts as a link to IISS initiatives in Europe, North America and Asia.

BBC: UK ambassador - Gulf crisis 'could last 10-15 years'

Speaking to the BBC, IISS-ME Executive Director Sir John Jenkins warned that the crisis in the Gulf provoked by ISIS could last for 10 to 15 years. He said it was 'astonishingly difficult' to find common ground between countries over how to deal with Syria and admitted the international alliance set up to tackle IS - or Daesh as it is called in Arabic - 'was not particularly cohesive'.

IISS-Middle East Events

Analysing the Arab Spring

Since early 2011, the institute has been researching and reporting on the political changes that have radically altered the Middle East and North African region.

Middle Eastern Security, the US Pivot & the Rise of ISIS

To mark the tenth anniversary of the IISS Manama Dialogue the IISS has published an Adelphi book that analyses the key challenges now faced by the Middle East.

Business Opportunity and Risk in the Gulf

This IISS conference brought together experts, policymakers and business leaders to explore how the new Geo-economic relationships in the Middle East will develop.