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The Washington-based office of the IISS serves as a hub through which policymaking communities, multilateral organisations, nongovernmental organisations and multinational corporations based in the Americas connect with the Institute’s world-leading research and convening power.

Adelphi Book

Everyone Loses

On 12 January Samuel Charap and Timothy J. Colton launched their new Adelphi book in Washington DC. It examines the ruinous outcome of the 2014 Ukraine crisis, concluding that the governments involved must recognise the failure of their current policies and find alternative ones.

IISS–Americas Adelphi Launch

China's Cyber Power

Nigel Inkster discussed China’s rising cyber power against the backdrop of China’s emergence as a world power. After humiliation at the hands of colonial powers in the 19th century, China has struggled to forge a modern identity, but cyber capabilities have become a crucial part of it.

US Friends of the IISS

US Friends of the IISS raises awareness and support for the overall work of IISS among the Institute’s US membership and the interested American public at large.

Latest Post on the Americas

New Report

The US and Russia in the Asia-Pacific 

This report discusses how the US and Russia both depend on developments in the Asia-Pacific region for their future prosperity and security.

Adelphi book

Asia's Latent Nuclear Powers

Under what conditions would the democracies in Northeast Asia seek to join the nuclear weapons club? Mark Fitzpatrick takes a look in the latest IISS Adelphi.