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    IISS Cyber Report: 25 to 31 May

    01 June 2017.  US plans cooperation with Asian allies, Russia moves against anonymous messaging apps.

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    Is Mexico really in a state of conflict?

    12 May 2017.  During our work monitoring the world’s armed conflicts, we look at a number of criteria to discern whether a country is in conflict, rather than suffering from high levels of violent criminality. A conflict’s duration and tempo, as well as the threat it poses to the state, are key factors, explains Anastasia Voronkova.

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    Young women participating in conflict must actively participate in post-conflict stabilisation

    11 May 2017.  Despite the increasing direct involvement of young women in conflict, efforts to engage them in disarmament, demobilisation and reintegration programmes seem ineffective

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    An explosive mix in southern Libya

    08 May 2017.  The next phase of the conflict in Libya is likely to be in the south of the country, given the proliferation of armed groups along the border and the ongoing offensive by the Libyan National Army.

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    Disruption and violence in Kenya’s primaries bring uncertainty to the wider region

    05 May 2017.  Potentially violent elections in August are raising concerns among the international community, given Kenya’s key regional roles as an economic powerhouse and in counter-terrorism efforts.

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    Trust in the crypto-drug markets

    05 May 2017.  The unintended consequences of aggressive drug control interventions have made the use and trade of illegal substances more resilient, both offline and via the darknet. However, the emerging field of research into crypto-drug markets may be able to provide remedial action.

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    Understanding conflict-related sexual violence

    12 May 2017.  Rape and other forms of sexual violence are not an inevitable consequence of war, and are perpetrated only by some armed actors. Understanding this variation has important implications for designing policy for sexual violence prevention and prosecution efforts, as well as peacekeeping, peacebuilding and transitional justice.

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    Urban centres are increasingly affected by war and displacement

    12 May 2017.  Towns and cities are increasingly bearing the brunt of regional conflicts. During 2016, competing forces often resorted to using urban centres as a staging ground for violence, while a growing tendency among refugee populations to settle in towns and cities placed unprecedented strain on host communities and infrastructure. 

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    Intensifying violence in the Central African Republic is symptomatic of deep governance problems

    04 May 2017.  Clashes between armed groups vying for control of territory in the CAR pose increasing risks for civilians.

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    China's draft intelligence law

    26 May 2017.  New draft legislation calls on all Chinese people and organisations to collaborate and cooperate with Beijing’s intelligence work. The proposed Intelligence Law has emerged quietly, but includes sweeping new powers. What clues does this vaguely worded document hold to the future of Chinese activities at home and abroad?


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