By Rahul Roy-Chaudhury, Senior Fellow for South Asia

There are two dominant views of what a Narendra Modi-led BJP government’s policy towards Pakistan would be. I think both are wrong. The first view is that this will be a government somewhat like that led by Vajpayee when he was Prime Minister for a BJP government over a decade ago, which had an outreach towards Pakistan and was able to move forward on the peace dialogue. I think this is not correct: Modi is not Vajpayee, and this will be a foreign policy dominated by Modi and not by the BJP. The other view is that a Modi-led government is categorically bad news for Pakistan, as it will be a more assertive force and will demonstrate a muscular policy towards Pakistan. I think that’s wrong as well, because Modi’s focus will be on the economic dimensions, and stability with Pakistan is a key plank in this debate. If, for example, with a new Modi government, the Pakistan government approves the non-discriminatory market access to India, this could actually provide Modi an economic incentive for outreach towards Pakistan

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