Shangri-La Dialogue Press Room

Shangri-La Dialogue media registration has closed

The Shangri-La Dialogue will take place in a secured zone at the Shangri-La Hotel and entry will only be granted to those with an official IISS security ID tag.

Registered Media

Access the press area for details of security secreening, summit check-in latest event updates.

Media Policy

Coverage of The Shangri-La Dialogue by the media must be carried out with the understanding that the IISS will be afforded the right to reproduce articles submitted as a result of attendance at the Dialogue both in its publications and on its website, and will also have the right to use images taken at the event, in generally but not exclusively the same formats, free of charge.   

The IISS, based in London, is both a limited company in UK law and a registered charity. It has offices in the US, Singapore and Bahrain with charitable status in each jurisdiction. 

Ways to Follow

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