• BBF 2015

    IISS Bahrain Bay Forum 2015

    Economic development in the Middle East

    The IISS Bahrain Bay Forum 2015 brought together economic policymakers, business leaders, bankers and financial analysts, diplomats and experts from around the world to assess business and trade opportunities, as well as political risks, in the Middle East.

  1. IISS Bahrain Bay Forum 2015

IISS Bahrain Bay Forum

Bahrain Bay Forum

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Middle East: Regional Security & Business Opportunity

IISS Bahrain Bay Forum

The inaugural IISS Bahrain Bay Forum runs from 28-29 November 2015 in Manama.

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Geo-economics and Strategy

With many Western economies in crisis and developing nations ascendant, is a new world order emerging? This programme - run from the IISS Middle East office - studies how financial shifts affect the global distribution of power.