• Adelphi 461

    Book Launch

    Harsh Lessons

    Watch the London launch of this new book, an 'invaluable study' of the US-led interventions in Afghanistan and Iraq and the lessons to be learned from them. 

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    New Strategic Comment

    US Latin America policy under Trump

    Trump has sharply antagonised Mexico with harsh immigration and trade policies. He also appears inclined to take strong positions on Cuba and Venezuela, and his tilt against trade agreements could present strategic opportunities for China in the region.

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    Press Launch: The Military Balance 2017

    Your guide to global military capabilities

    IISS Director-General John Chipman and a panel of our experts discussed the main themes of the book, including increased military spending in Asia, China's growing air power, Russia's rocket artillery and NATO's struggle to keep up.

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    Military Balance +

    Trusted reference now available online

    Military Balance+ is a new online database using pioneering technology to allow users to customise, view, compare and download defence data instantly, anywhere, anytime.

  1. Book Launch

  2. New Strategic Comment

  3. Press Launch: The Military Balance 2017

  4. Military Balance +

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The Military Balance

Indispensable defence data and analysis

The Military Balance 2017 and our new complementary database, Military Balance+, were both launched on 14 February. Harnessing pioneering technology, Military Balance+ allows users to customise, view, compare and download data instantly, anywhere, anytime.

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Learning under fire

This Adelphi book takes a look at the lessons militaries need to learn from the US-led interventions in Afghanistan and Iraq, and their implications for the future character of war.

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Everyone Loses

With talk in world capitals of a new cold war, this Adelphi examines the roots of the Ukraine crisis, analyses Western and Russian policies in post-Soviet Eurasia since 1991, and provides an assessment of both Russia and the West's actions post-2014.


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