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    New Strategic Comment

    UK augments military capacities

    While it does not represent a substantial change in direction, Britain’s latest defence and security review offers a credible plan to improve, modernise and increase UK security and hard power, says a new Strategic Comment.

  • North Africa Adelphi Rotator

    New Adelphi Book

    North Africa in transition

    This Adelphi book examines how the politics, security and economies – which were largely stable for decades prior to 2011 – have changed in the four states of the Maghreb.

  • IISS Bahrain Bay Forum

    Middle East: Regional Security & Business Opportunity

    IISS Bahrain Bay Forum

    The IISS Bahrain Bay Forum 2015 will bring together economic policymakers, business leaders, bankers and financial analysts from around the world, particularly from the Middle East and the G20.

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    New Strategic Comment

    Russia’s naval modernisation will take time

    Russian naval power has diminished considerably since the end of the Cold War, but recent increases in defence spending have allowed for substantial reinvestment, explains a new Strategic Comment.

  • Evolution of the Cyber Domain: The Implications for National and Global Security

    New Strategic Dossier

    Evolution of the Cyber Domain

    Cyber security has become a focal point for conflicting domestic and international interests, and increasingly for the projection of state power. This Dossier charts and contextualises the key developments and trends that have shaped the cyber domain since the 1950s.

  1. New Strategic Comment

  2. New Adelphi Book

  3. Middle East: Regional Security & Business Opportunity

  4. New Strategic Comment

  5. New Strategic Dossier

Toomas Hendrik Ilves UN Photo Amanda Voisard

Toomas Hendrik Ilves to give 2015 Alastair Buchan Lecture 

President Toomas Hendrik Ilves of Estonia will deliver the 2015 Alastair Buchan Lecture on 1 December 2015. A pioneer of information-technology development and e-governance, President Ilves's ambitious cyber strategy has made his country a global front-runner in technical innovation, international connectivity and internet freedom. He is also a proponent of a strong NATO to protect Europe's eastern frontier.

Strategic Survey 2014

Armed Conflict Survey 2015

The new IISS Armed Conflict Survey provides a reference guide to the state of the world, with statistics and details on more than 40 of the world’s major conflicts.

The Annual Review of World Affairs

Strategic Survey 2015

The Annual Review of World Affairs covers all the events and themes of the year region by region.

IISS Manama Dialogue 2015

IISS Manama Dialogue 2015

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