• Strategic Snapshots

    The Ukraine crisis & the international system

    Russia’s President Putin and Ukraine's President Poroshenko will meet on August 26 to discuss containing unrest in Ukraine. Samuel Charap addresses whether an endgame to the crisis in sight and how it has has affected the coherence of the international system.

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    Strategic Comment

    Challenges for India’s new government

    Despite his party’s convincing election win, new centre-right Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will still need to reach out to opponents to boost economic growth and investor confidence. 

  • GSR 2014 Key Speakers

    Global Strategic Review 2014

    Key GSR Speakers announced

    Speakers at the 2014 GSR will include Ghana’s Foreign Minister Hanna Tetteh, Carl Bildt and Børge Brende, the foreign ministers of Sweden and Norway and former US National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski among many others.

  • Survival: Global Politics and Strategy Aug-Sep 2014

    Survival: Global Politics and Strategy

    Cyber War & Sino-American Crisis Instability

    China and the US both recognise that an armed conflict between them would include cyber attacks. But there is a curious failure to connect the tactical military advantages of cyber war with strategic hazards, argue David Gompert and Martin Libicki in the new issue of Survival.

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Global Strategic Review 2014

Geopolitical Risks & Geo-economic Opportunities

The IISS is pleased to announce that registration for the 11th Global Strategic Review is now open. The 2014 GSR will be held in Oslo from Friday 19 September to Sunday 21 September. The theme will be 'Geopolitical Risks and Geo-economic Opportunities.' 

Adelphi Books

Beyond Air–Sea Battle

This Adelphi analyzes the debate over the future of US military strategy in Asia.

EU Non-Proliferation and Disarmament Conference 2014

Combatting Proliferation

The 3rd EU Non-Proliferation and Disarmament Conference will bring together some 250 experts and officials from the EU and beyond.

The essential military reference

The Military Balance 2014

The Military Balance is the IISS flagship annual assessment of the military capabilities and defence economics of 171 countries worldwide. This year's essays focus on lessons from ten years of war in Iraq and Afghanistan, cyber abilities and the rise of unmanned systems.

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