• Admiral Harry B Harris. Credit: Flickr/compacflt

    Fullerton Lecture: 17 October

    Security in the Indo-Asia-Pacific

    Admiral Harry B Harris of US Pacific Command discussed challenges, opportunities and innovation as he gave the Fullerton Lecture in Singapore.

  • F/A-18C Hornet taking part in Exercise Malabar 17. Credit: Flickr/NavalSurfaceForces

    Strategic Comment

    America's fragmented Indian Ocean policy

    Washington has tended to regard the Indian Ocean region as a theatre in a larger geostrategic struggle, or as a route to somewhere more important. The latest Strategic Comment explains how a mix of structural and policy impediments are likely to keep the region fragmented in the US policy lens.

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    Options for credible and reliable deterrence

    The US need not replicate its Cold War triad to achieve credible and reliable deterrence, argues Dr James E. Doyle in the latest Adelphi book. Join us in Washington DC on Monday 23 October, as he discusses how the US can maintain deterrence at a lower cost and ease pressing shortfalls in spending on conventional procurement and nuclear security.

  1. Fullerton Lecture: 17 October

  2. Strategic Comment


IISS MANAMA DIALOGUE, 8–10 December 2017

Middle East's premier defence security summit

US Secretary of Defense James Mattis will lead the debate as key policymakers from the region and beyond gather to examine the Middle East's most pressing security questions.


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