• Russian sugar cube box commemorating Trump's election victory. Credit: Getty/Sergei Starikov


    The Trump–Russia connection

    Investigations into possible coordination between President Donald Trump's campaign team and Russia in the run-up to the 2016 US election continue. If even some of the accusations prove true, they will produce the biggest White House scandal since the Iran-contra affair of 1985–87, in an inexperienced administration already beset by infighting.

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    Latest analysis

    Turkey approves constitutional amendment

    The vote to approve amendments to the Turkish constitution is likely to result in increased human security concerns within Turkey’s borders, a recalibration of its relationship with the European Union, and a strengthened narrative to knuckle down on Kurdish insurgency, argues Emma Champion.

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    Strategic Comment

    Missile strikes will not bring peace to Syria

    The United States' Tomahawk cruise-missile strikes on the Syrian regime's Shayrat Air Base in retaliation for the regime's sarin attack are unlikely to advance peace in Syria, argues the latest Strategic Comment.

  • Kaiser Wilhelm II

    The Emperor vs the Adults

    Donald Trump and Wilhelm II

    In the April–May issue of Survival, François Heisbourg draws an analogy between the current US president and Kaiser Wilhelm II.


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  4. The Emperor vs the Adults

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