• Latest annual edition

    Military Balance 2016 Launch

    The IISS' authoritative assessment of the military capabilities and defence economics of 171 countries.

  • Defence Spending

    Russia and China drive global spending increases in 2015

    Driven by Chinese and Russian increases, real-terms global defence spending rose in 2015, although Europe’s share of the global total continued to fall.

  • Survival 58-1

    Survival: Global Politics and Strategy

    The darkness online

    In the latest issue ofSurvival: Global Politics and Strategy, Daniel Moore and Thomas Rid argue that encryption policy is becoming a crucial test of the values of liberal democracy in the twenty-first century.


    New Adelphi Book

    Asia's Latent Nuclear Powers: Japan, South Korea and Taiwan

    Under what conditions would the democracies in Northeast Asia seek to join the nuclear weapons club? Mark Fitzpatrick takes a look in the latest IISS Adelphi.

  1. Latest annual edition

  2. Defence Spending

  3. Survival: Global Politics and Strategy

  4. New Adelphi Book

MB 2016

the military balance

The Military Balance 2016

The annual assessment of the military capabilities and defence economics of over 171 countries. It is an indispensable handbook for anyone conducting serious studies of security policy and military affairs.

Adelphi 453 Egypt After the Spring

New Adelphi Book

Egypt After the Spring

In-depth analysis of the tumultuous period between the 2011 uprisings and Abdel Fattah Al‑Sisi's rule in 2015.

South Sudan

Politics and Strategy

Iowa and theories of politics

The Iowa caucus was the first test of a significant election, says Dana H. Allin, Editor of Survival and Senior Fellow for US Foreign Policy and Transatlantic Affairs. 

Evolution of the Cyber Domain: The Implications for National and Global Security

Strategic Dossier

Evolution of the Cyber Domain

Cyber security has become a focal point for conflicting domestic and international interests, and increasingly for the projection of state power. This Dossier charts and contextualises the key developments and trends that have shaped the cyber domain since the 1950s.

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