New Strategic Comment

    Pakistan: a more positive trajectory

    The past 18 months have been an atypically salutary period for Pakistan. Democracy has deepened, civilian–military relations have been stable, the economy has grown and foreign relations have been conducted with relative maturity and civility. Long-term challenges remain substantial, but Pakistan's overall outlook is improving.

  • Survival: Global Politics and Strategy

    Russian strategic deterrence

    In the latest Survival issue, Kristin Ven Bruusgaard examines Russia's determination to deter NATO from encroaching on its security interests.

  • Adelphi 459

    New Adelphi Book

    Fighting and Negotiating with Armed Groups

    Fighting and talking with armed groups can take many forms. This Adelphi examines what constitutes an effective and realistic strategy for dealing with armed groups, and develops a framework to help policymakers and analysts to understand the challenges involved in using a combination of coercion and diplomacy.

  • The IISS Digital Annual Review

    The IISS Digital Annual Review

    Driving Strategic Thought and Action

    This inaugural Annual Review highlights the key achievements of the IISS for the year 2015–16. It presents the 'essence' of the IISS: who we are, what we do, and how we have helped governments, businesses and the expert and opinion-forming communities understand strategic change in an ever more complex world.

  1. New Strategic Comment

  2. Survival: Global Politics and Strategy

  3. New Adelphi Book

  4. The IISS Digital Annual Review

the military balance

The Military Balance 2016

The annual assessment of the military capabilities and defence economics of over 171 countries. It is an indispensable handbook for anyone conducting serious studies of security policy and military affairs.

New Adelphi Book

China's Cyber Power

As China increasingly gains the economic benefits of global connectivity, the West’s technological edge is fast eroding.

The IISS Digital Annual Review

Driving Strategic Thought and Action

The IISS’s inaugural online Annual Review highlights its key achievements in 2015–16.

Strategic Dossier

Evolution of the Cyber Domain

Cyber security has become a focal point for conflicting domestic and international interests, and increasingly for the projection of state power. This Dossier charts and contextualises the key developments and trends that have shaped the cyber domain since the 1950s.

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