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    Spies, lies and the US president-elect

    A blizzard of angry Tweets has laid bare the rift between Donald Trump and the United States intelligence community. But the saga does not suggest a Russian mastery of information warfare, argues Nigel Inkster. When the going gets tough, Trump will still look to his intelligence community for answers.

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    Strategic Comment

    Social divisions and terror in Turkey

    Turkey has not appreciably reduced Kurdish militant groups' terrorist capabilities, or addressed the root causes of their grievances. Accordingly, the level of terrorist violence in the country seems set to rise in the months ahead.

  • Everyone Loses: The Ukraine Crisis and the Ruinous Contest for Post-Soviet Eurasia

    Adelphi Book

    New analysis of the Ukraine conflict

    This new Adelphi book examines the ruinous outcome of the 2014 Ukraine crisis, concluding that the governments involved must recognise the absolute failure of their current policies and find alternative ones.

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    Politics and Strategy

    Pre-empting a North Korean ICBM test

    Donald Trump recently tweeted that North Korea will not develop a nuclear missile capable of reaching the US, but how he will enforce this is unclear. Mark Fitzpatrick and Michael Elleman argue that options for military pre-emption of North Korean missile launches should not be discussed in a cavalier manner, nor without regional consultation.


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New Adelphi Book

Everyone Loses

With talk in world capitals of a new cold war, this Adelphi examines the roots of the Ukraine crisis, analyses Western and Russian policies in post-Soviet Eurasia since 1991, and provides an assessment of both Russia and the West's actions post-2014.

IISS Manama Dialogue 2016

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The Middle East's premier defence security summit reached its conclusion on 11 December 2016. Here's what happened.

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Iran's missile threat to GCC states

This dossier looks at Iran's missile capabilities, the efforts to counter the threat they pose by Gulf Arab states and the broader evolution of security structures in the region. It is a valuable resource for all those seeking to understand the 'security complex' that encompasses all states in the Gulf.

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