• IISS Manama Dialogue 2016

    Finding solutions to urgent problems

    After a turbulent year in the Middle East and beyond, the world’s most powerful policymakers face urgent political, economic, social and security challenges. As John Jenkins explains, the IISS Manama Dialogue provides a vital forum for them to agree on collective solutions.

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    New Strategic Comment

    US–Mexico relations under Trump

    If US President-elect Trump were to fulfil his strident campaign promises on immigration and trade with respect to Mexico, prospects for left-wing, populist candidates in the 2018 Mexican presidential election would likely improve. Victory for such a candidate could make Mexico significantly more antagonistic to the United States.

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    Survival: Global Politics and Strategy

    The United States and a disordered world

    In the latest issue of Survival, Dana H. Allin argues that the US is entering terra incognita with the first overtly illiberal candidate to be elected president since the Second World War. Also in this issue, Ash Carter explains US policy towards Russia, Gordon Barrass revisits Able Archer 83 and Emile Hokayem and David Roberts analyse the war in Yemen.

  • 3 for 2 on all Adelphi Books

    The Nuclear Collection: Asia

    All IISS Adelphi books are on offer at three for the price of two. Here we recommend the Asia nuclear collection, which analyses the nuclear landscape in China, Pakistan, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan.

  1. IISS Manama Dialogue 2016

  2. New Strategic Comment

  3. Survival: Global Politics and Strategy

  4. 3 for 2 on all Adelphi Books

Missile defence cooperation in the Gulf

New Strategic Dossier launched in London

Missile-Defence Cooperation in the Gulf looks at Iran's missile capabilities and the efforts by Gulf Arab states to counter the threat they pose. At the London launch on 1 December the authors introduced the Dossier – an up-to-date synthesis of IISS regional and technical expertise – and answered questions from the audience.



Strategic Survey 2016

Institutions of world order crumbling

Now in its 50th edition, Strategic Survey 2016 provides in-depth analysis of the significant events and strategic decisions of the year.

The IISS Digital Annual Review

Driving Strategic Thought and Action

The IISS’s inaugural online Annual Review highlights its key achievements in 2015–16.

the military balance

The Military Balance 2016

The annual assessment of the military capabilities and defence economics of over 171 countries. It is an indispensable handbook for anyone conducting serious studies of security policy and military affairs.

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